Secret Just Dropped Freshies the Most Instagrammable Deodorant

Secret Freshies antiperspirantSecret just dropped Freshies, the most Instagrammable deodorant, not to mention totally functional, purse/travel friendly antiperspirant in four scents ($4.99 each). Available in Invisible Solid, this mini antiperspirant & deodorant comes in scents, Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender, Chill Ocean and Paris Rose. It’s the easiest and most inconspicuous/discreet bag deodorant for anyone on the go. It looks like EOS lip balm packaging on steroids. I’m headed to LA next week, and so excited to pack this little ball of pastel with me.

Secret Clinical, Active and Freshies deodorant

During the launch party last night the brand shared their most asked questions and shed some interesting incite on sweating, deodorant and the controversy on if it causes cancer. I also found it interesting that Secret is the only women’s only deodorant brand, which I thought was pretty cool. They have three lines, Freshies, which are great for touchups and everyday, Clinical which is for heavy sweaters and anyone going through hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy…) and Active, which is for active lifestyles and workouts. Here’s what we learned from the myth busting session:

  1. Sweat itself does not smell. When mixed with bacteria from our skin interacts with sweat and “food” (protein, acid and oils) from our glands, molecules are produced that create that bad smell.
  2. Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same thing. Deodorants mask underarm odor with a scent and help to reduce bacteria that adds to that odor. Antiperspirants go one step further to prevent excess odor and wetness by forming plugs, which are activated by sweat.
  3. There are two types of sweat, heat sweat and stress sweat. Each type is produced by a different gland – Eccrine or Apocrine. Eccrine glands are all over the body and releases sweat when you are hot. Apocrine glands are only in some parts of the body, and release sweat when you are stressed. Stress sweat smells worse. Who knew?
  4. The ideal time to apply antiperspirant is before bet. At night, our bodies produce enough sweat to pull the product into our ducts, yet still at a relatively low activity level so excessive sweat is not produced, which creates a less efficacious plug.
  5. Parabens are not an active ingredient in antiperspirants. Aluminim compounds are the only actives approved by the FDA.
  6. There is no conclusive evidence that links the use of antiperspirants with an aluminim ingredient to diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Reputable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, the National Cancer Institute and the Alzheimer’s Association have all backed these claims.

The brand also shared this website with me:, that I found really interesting on all things sweat. Obviously if you feel uncomfortable antiperspirants, there’s a number of natural deodorants I really like including Freedom and Schmidt’s Naturals. Personally, I use an them as my everyday since I’m not a huge sweater and then switch to an antiperspirant if I’m going to the gym or know I’m going to sweat a lot. Or frankly if I notice I smell. Most days when I’m home writing, the two are very interchangeable, but there’s no denying, especially when I do workout, that deodorants don’t have the ability to prevent odor and wetness on the level of an antiperspirant. And now that I have my Freshies

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