Bandladies BOSS party

Earlier this week, my friend and style + trend expert, Brittney Levine & I hosted the launch of the Bandladies Showroom. They carry four clothing lines that are so edgy and cool. Really incredible textures, prints and editorial pieces. We invited our friends for the ultimate girls night. We’re talking, Williamsburg Pizza, specialty cocktails by Articulate Productions, On Demand Salon for hair styling, and I hosted a BOSS ring bar! brittney levine, nikki klarsberg, pandora amoratis, lara eurdolian, ashley goldsteinAs many of you know I just launched my accessories line, and while it’s mostly camera/bag straps, I have line of BOSS rings that are pretty dope, especially when they are layered. It was a pleasure having all my girls there for my first BOSS ring bar, where they could pick up my rings in their size. Since our theme was fashion week, or rather pre-fashion week styling, guests checked out the showroom for their fashion week outfits and we hooked them up an incredible gift bag thanks to our friends at Shapehouse, EOS and STARSKIN. LA born, Shapehouse just opened in NYC in two locations (UES and Flat Iron), they offer 55 minute sweat sessions where you lay in an infrared blanket while watching Netflix (or any program you’d like) and burn 600-1500 calories. It’s amazing, and my ultimate lazy girl workout. You walk out feeling amazing and it’s the easiest way to suck it all in before fashion week! I should note Brittney and I went back to back before our event. We’re obsessed!

Eos lip balms are always a good idea. Especially in the winter in New York, since chapped lips will never be cute. Eos just rolled out their new Crystal balm featuring extra chic packaging, and a crystal clear balm that’s waxless and offer weightless hydration thanks to it’s blend of 5 nourishing natural oils. Available in two flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, it’s a winter must have.

Lastly, sheet masks are all the rage and STARSKIN’s are epic (it had my skin glowing all night!)! The award-winning beauty brand has an incredible assortment of sheet masks including gold, lace, detoxifying, plumping and hydrating ones and more for all of your skincare needs. Whether you’re stepping off a plane or getting ready for a big night (or fashion show), these masks will have you looking like you’ve slept, drank all that H20 and in the glow. They even launched a STARSKIN #MaskBOSS Sheet Mask set, so clearly all of our boss’ in the room needed their masks!

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that came out and for helping me launch my BOSS bar. I have so many events and collaborations coming up for my new line that I can’t wait to share with all of you! All three of our outfit changes are from the lines Bandladies carries, and Brittney’s outfit as well. Check them out at