Ask Dr. Nadia: 5 Supplements [Nearly] Everyone Should Take

The answer to the above question is #3 on our list below! Just one of the many things I’ve learned from Dr. Nadia Musavvir Instagram page ( Whenever I’m in LA, I’m usually in between trips, exhausted, depleted, and have Dr. Nadia Musavvir on speed dial. She gets me the vitamin shots I need and literally puts me back together. But seriously for my list trip she saw me dead after a 24 hours whirlwind where I went from Paris –> NYC –> LA (3 time zones in 1 day!) and had only a few days in Los Angeles before having to be at a conference in Vegas. I wanted to curl up in a ball and die of exhaustion. Ten minudtes with Dr. Nadia and I’m a new person.  During our last visit it occurred to me I’m always reading trendy stories about must have supplements from people I don’t know and sources I don’t always trust so I asked for her top 5 supplements (nearly) everyone should take, here’s what made her count:

1. Trace minerals

I typically recommend a multi mineral rather than a multivitamin because the soil is so deficient in minerals; we would need 7x the recommended amount of vegetables to get adequate minerals (provided not all mineral content gets destroyed in the cooking process AND that digestion is functioning optimally to absorb).

2. Probiotic

Stress, foods, medications can all change the microbiome; because a balanced and healthy assortment of good bacteria is necessary for digestion, absorption, a healthy immune system, neurotransmitter formation (which affects mood), I always recommend a good probiotic.

3. Magnesium

As mentioned, the soil is very devoid of minerals and magnesium is an important mineral used as a co-factor for nearly every cell process. It plays a role in mood, pain, stress, heart health, detoxification, hormone balance.. and so much more!

4. Adrenal Support

Since most of us run around stressed, replacing meals with coffee or skipping meals, the adrenal glands get taxed heavily… If this sounds like you or for anyone that runs on a busy schedule I recommend taking a good adrenal support with both vitamins/minerals that support the adrenal glands as well as adaptogenic herbs.

5. Fish oil

The standard American diet is highly inflammatory and typically provides more omega 6 rather than omega 3; I tend to recommend a good fish oil with high omega 3 to shift away from inflammation and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

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