Read Before Desert: Coachella Packing Guide

I can’t believe Coachella is almost here! I’m so excited for some time with my boyfriend and to see all my LA friends in what I consider three of the most fun days of the year! I’m not even sure if I’m more excited for the festival or the parties! I keep seeing all of these ‘what to wear’ and ‘festival makeup’ tutorials but not so much the nitty gritty essentials that have made the experience so much better. So here it is, my compilation of must haves that will make your life so much easier:

 SPF! And a minimum of an SPF30 at that! I have my sunblock in everything from my primer, makeup to my self tanner! With the amount of sunburns I’ve seen and the amount of fun you can expect in the sun, don’t skip on sun protection! Pick your favorite but some new ones I’ve been obsessed with is Paula’s Choice RESIST Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30, which has skin benefits, and acts like a primer with spf so your makeup goes on smoother. Murad City Age Defense SPF 50 is a current favorite as well, it’s probably the smoothest and most lightweight SPF I own, and super purse friendly. Lastly my assistant turned me onto Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Self Tan SPF 20, which after a long winter and white legs instantly makes me look tan. It also makes my legs look ten years younger and covers all my spider veins and even some burn marks I have from some mishap clothing steamer experiences. Just a disclaimer though, don’t wear under white or pants, it does run (or at least it does for me even though I wait hours before putting anything over). It’s just my go to before going out and then I like to wash it off at night.

Moisturize – it gets dry in the desert! You want a good moisturizer to start and end your day and put back the hydration. The reformulated Olay Total Effects is a 7 in 1 moisturizer that does it all from replenishing moisture, evening skintone and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. The biggest note though for Coachella is in the updated forumla they added 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Green Tea Extract which are two powerful antioxidants that protect skin cells against free radical damage (aka damage from sun exposure). I talk more about this product HERE.

Portable Steamer – those cute clothes mean nothing if they are all wrinkled from traveling. Personally I love Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer, granted it’s a little bulkier than some of the others on the market, it’s by far the best portable steamer I’ve ever used and works as well as my heavy duty one at home.

Face Wipes – First off wearing sandals at Coachella is a death wish, you walk about a half a mile in sand to get to the festival and there is dust everywhere on that trek. I like to bring a family size pack, like Olay’s Gentle Clean Cleansing Clothes, AND individually wrapped ones for my purse, like the Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes. Both are fragrance free which is what you want in a face wipe, especially when you’re in the desert since they’re more gentle on skin.

Quality Razor – I’m really over cheap travel razors, they don’t last as long and can lead to razor burn, which is not cute at the pool parties. When I heard the Schick Hydro Silk Razor had serum infused in it I kind of thought it was a gimmick until I used it and my legs were so smooth and the shave lasted days longer without any irritation. And not for nothing but I don’t even use shaving cream, just body wash and I noticed an incredible difference between this razor.

Tired Eyes – get ready for minimal sleep, because you’re not going to want to miss a second of the fun! And it’s all fun and games until you wake up with puffy, tired eyes. I’m a huge fan of the new-ish Olay Eye collection that launched last year, and specifically the Depuffing Eye Roller for Coachella. I store mine in the fridge and it instantly brightens and calms the under eye while hydrating it. If I’m extremely puffy I’ll apply a generous amount and let it sit for 5 minutes and pat in. I also like the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream, which is more of a multi-tasking 3 in 1 eye cream that fights dark circles, wrinkles and puffy eyes. I packed both. Speaking of eyes the NUDESTIX Clean-Up Pencil is amazing for touching up any makeup. It’s makeup-remover (think cleansing oil in a stick) that’s really convenient for touch ups. Especially since my eye makeup is always running in strange weather.

Dry Shampoo – Showering everyday is a pain, I always bring a travel dry shampoo with me. There are a number of good ones on the market, I brought Ouai’s which also had a really cute Styel Edit Set for $25 which has a travel size of their Wave Spray, Texturizing Hair Spray and Finishing Creme that’s really convenient.

Hot tools – Braids are the de-frizz way to go at Coachella, but I also like to have a straightening iron and curling iron on hand. I’m pretty obsessed with T3’s curling iron at the moment. You an interchange the head to different barrel sizes and it works so well! I just got the flat iron but haven’t played with it as much but will report back on it and some other of their hot tools I got before my trip.

Compeed Blister Cushions – Add these to your list! Within 2 days of being in flip flops I’m blister city. You can use these preventative-ly like a band-aid in any areas that is blister prone (back of feet, sides or toe area) or after you get a blister and they serve as a second skin so you don’t even feel the blister anymore. Foot pain is never fun when you’re on your feet all day. I feel like I’ve saved lives with this tip, it will change your life.

Snack bars – I’m partial to Luna, Clif and Kind bars, I find having one in your bag or car or just around in general helps to keep your energy up and something in your stomach. There’s a lot going on and it’s easy to forget to eat — more so at the parties though since the festival does have tons of food options. With all the partying and drinking though I find I’m always handing them out. Also stay hydrated!!!!

Nail it – I can’t deal with my nails while at Coachella or chipping manicures which is why I always get gel polish (and usually a fun design from either Paintbox or Valley). I also brought the new China Glaze Chrome Press On Nail for variety! They have an amazing silver, gold and holographic press on that’s so fun and will probably pop those on for some variety during the week.

Travel Size: Some other quick notes, travel size everything is better! I love this travel VIOLIFE electric sonic toothbrush with cover for travel, also Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter to hydrate and wash the desert off (bring a hefty body wash). Also it took me a while to find the perfect Dopp Kit bag to hold all my toiletries and this one from Henri Bendel has been all over the world with me and keeps me so organized.