Olay Launches Eye Collection for Every Concern


I attended an Olay breakfast over a month ago for an advanced preview of their Olay Eye Collection which launches this month. I’m a huge Olay fan, especially of their Regenerist line and it’s with good reason they are the #1 trusted facial skincare brand — they pour so much research and testing into their products. This event made me hyper aware of something I’ve subconsciously known for a while — not everyone speaks beauty. I find this especially so when I’m trying to pick out products for my sister.  We say things like look for products with antioxidants and peptides, and your average person just wants to know how to get rid of their dark circles. And thus Olay has identified five eye aging patterns that affect 95% of women and created a line of eye products to address each. The five piece collection is easy to navigate, digest and has something for dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, sagging and all of the above.  I’ve actually been using the entire collection ($24.99 each) and really impressed by them all.  They can be layered or used alone and deliver an instant result. Here are the product details:

Olay Eyes Collection


The Ultimate  – Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is the 3-in-1 formula that addresses dark circles, wrinkles. I use this one for travel or layer it in with the rest of the collection (specifically the Eye Lifting Serum). It’s more of a cream consistency then the other products from the line and supercharged with peptides, and vitamins as well as Olay’s color-correcting technology to renew skins surface over time and reduces puffiness when massaged on to skin.

Eye Lifting SerumOlay Eyes Lifting Serum is for sagging skin which delivers firmer feeling skin in 2 weeks. It’s a hydrating serum formula that absorbs effortlessly. It contains advanced amino-peptide complex, hydrates to plump sagging skin and renews the surface layers revealing newer, firmer skin around the eye area. This has surprisingly been the product from the line, I use it the most and often as the first step before applying a cream on top. It can also be used around the eye and is awesome!

The DepufferOlay Eyes Depuffing Eye Roller is for eye bags and instantly reduces puffiness to sooth skin and get rid of that tired eyes look. I leave mine in the fridge and only use it when I’m up early and notice some puffiness. It’s cooling and hydrating. If you puffiness is sever squeeze a little extra and let it sit for 5 minutes. Otherwise massage in with the precision micro-rollers and watch those puffs cool out!

The BrightenerOlay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream works to reduce the look of dark circles within 2 weeks and instantly brighten under the eyes to de-circle tired-looking eyes and reflect a luminous glow. The formula is between a serum and cream and has a distinctive swirl formula visible through the bottle that deposits light-reflecting pigments with the cream gel to moisturize with tone-evening ingredients.

The SmootherOlay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment targets deep wrinkles and diminishes crow’s feet in just 4 weeks. It feels similar to the Lifting Serum and I sometimes use them interchangeably at night. In that I will use the Lifting Serum morning and night but prefer to use retinols in the evening (it’s personal preference) but since I can’t SPF my eye area effectively during the day I usually try to use it only at night. I also don’t have deep set wrinkles or crows feet, mine are more superficial so this is great for those who do. It contains a potent formula with Pro-Retinol that helps restore the rate of surface cell turnover so wrinkles appear shorter and less deep.

The Olay Eyes Collection launched this month and retails for $24.99 each.