If you have oily skin, read this!

I have always had skin that was on the oilier side (especially in my T-zone) and am constantly on the hunt for the best products to keep my skin feeling clean and my make up in place.  There is nothing worse than checking yourself out in the mirror halfway through the day to see most of your make up has slid off, especially in the warmer weather.  Here are some of current go tos!

Lancome Energie De Vie Liquid Care Moisturizer – $55

I love, love, love Lancome Energie de vie Liquid Care Moisturizer. Part serum, part moisturizer, this pretty bottle does it all. It’s basically a liquid moisturizer, filled with tons of antioxidants which instantly hydrates and refreshes your skin. My skin had an incredible dewy glow after every use! There is literally no time of day when I don’t want to shower this product on my skin to wake it up.

Becca Evermatte Poreless Primer – $36

One of the BEST primers I have ever tried! Becca has come out with a primer free of oil, alcohol or fragrance, that leaves your skin looking flawless. It is important to apply this primer correctly, as it will become very dry and flakey if not. Rub a good amount in between your fingertips and once it becomes warm, apply it to your T-zone and any other areas that need oil control. It works even better if you pat it on your skin instead of applying like a traditional moisturizer. My make up stayed on all day and my skin looked perfect even after hours of wear. This is a very ideal primer especially for summer!

Murad MattEffect Blotting Perfector – $39

This is genius! Think blotting paper in a liquid compact. It’s the perfect way to refresh your skin on the go without disturbing your make up. This cushion compact instantly mattifies your skin, reduces the size of pores and even sets make up. It can be used before applying foundation or over your make up to absorb oil throughout the day. One of the not so secret ingredients is marshmallow powder (so cool!) which provides a unique softness to skin but also absorbs sebum (not water) so your skin stays hydrated. A great compact to throw in your bag for a quick refresh.

Veneffect Micro Exfoliant – $60

When I feel my skin is looking exceptionally dull I make sure to add an exfoliant in my routine. The Veneffect Micro-Exfoliant is my new favorite – it’s hypoallergenic, gluten free, GMO free and paraben free. Best of all, it smells great (due to almond extract). I love using this a few times a week to get rid of all the dead skin cells and make my skin feel really, really clean and vibrant.

Orlane Purifying Balancing Gel – $60

This foaming cleanser left my skin feeling super clean and satiny. It was great for controlling oil but did not leave me feeling dry. A great start to your daily routine.

Juara Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Oil Free Moisturizer – $55

Specifically designed for oily to combination skin, this oil free formula is a great everyday moisturizer. Complete with anti-aging benefits, my skin soaked it in without it feeling heavy on your face all day.

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 – $40

This moisturizer hydrates while reducing shine and controlling oil. I love it because it also provides UVA/UVB protection – which is always a must. It prevents new blemishes from forming while clearing current breakouts.

Talika Bio Enzymes Purifying Mask – $12

The Talika’s sheet masks have officially changed my world. If you’re wondering what all the hype is about when it comes to sheet masks, this one will make you a believer. Trust me, you NEED this in your beauty regimen. Whether looking to have a luxurious “spa” day at home, or an instant way to look refreshed after a flight, these masks are easy to use and provide immediate gratification.

The purifying mask contains argan oil, cinnamon and herbs and is designed to target oily and uneven skin tones.  Applying the mask was really easy and the whole process seemed luxurious. My skin felt cool and I definitely felt the cinnamon tingling and doing its job. After 30 minutes I removed it and instantly saw results. – my pores looked small, my skin felt almost velvety and all traces of oil seemed to disappear.

Also I haven’t tried it yet but Ole Henrikson just dropped his new  Balance Collection specifically designed for oily skin!

Guest Post by Gia Broccoli D’Onofrio