EyesUp with Murad

Outfit details: Stella McCartney Shoes // Iris & Ink Pants // Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses // Willow & Clay Blazer

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Murad, read any of his books, or know anything about him (in addition to creating his incredible skincare line, Murad), you know his commitment to health and beauty runs inside and out. Today, I’m partnering with the brand in going EyesUp meaning I’ll be going dark this afternoon on social media for 24 hours with the intention of converting that time and energy to more meaningful things. Like playing with my dog, spending time with my mom while she’s in town without my phone in my hand (she gets in at 2pm so I’ll definitely be dark by then!), playing cards with my boyfriend instead of staring at a computer screen — and if we’re really getting crazy, maybe have that art night we’ve been planning for the last year.

Murad actually strikes me as the coolest company to work for as their employees are being encouraged to go device-free in meetings and the office and are even getting cultural stress prescriptions as part of an innovative employee engagement program the brand is unveiling to coincide with this campaign.

The Murad Goes EyeUp campaign kicks off today, I think this video above says it all — amazingly enough with no words. If you relate to this the way I do, then you know our reality is frightening. I’ve been on a couch with my friends so many times and looked to my left and right only to realize were all on our phones. It’s amazing when you open your eyes and see the world — and not through the view finder of a screen. I’ve actually been trying to be hyper sensitive about it, and as funny as it may sound that’s actually something I’m really grateful to my dog for.

As many of you know I rescued Charlie less than a year ago as a very senior dog (who was in rough shape) and he’s this constant reminder for me to go outside, and enjoy him and life.  His stress was causing all kinds of health disasters for him and when we got him he was estimated to be 12+ years old. Now in less than a year, reducing his stress, giving him tons of affection, attention and love, his health has done a complete 180. He’s more energetic and demanding (I can’t hold, pet and hug him AND be on my phone at the same time), and as of two weeks ago, on what should be his almost 13th birthday he is now guessed to be 8 years old. For me this is the epitome of everything Dr. Murad has been saying about cultural stress. And he’s a dog.

So today I’m going #EyesUp for my family, my dog and most importantly me. I need a break. I love the internet. I love connecting with people and being accessible. But at some point we all need a break — even if it’s only for 24 hours, and I’m grateful for individuals, like Dr. Murad, who reminds us to take care of not just our skin but our bodies and minds as well.

I encourage you all to head to EyesUp.com and learn more about this campaign and go dark with us! The site is filled with resources, tips and tools for unlocking the power of human connection, and articles from expert contributors including neuroscientist and mind-body expert Dr. Claudia Aguirre.

See you tomorrow! xoLara