Chatting Microfiber Towels on Amazon StyleCode Live

On the subject of healthy hair, I have two, okay maybe 3 major points that can drastically make a difference in it’s health — and that’s before even waiving a single hair product or supplement in your face. If you caught my segment for Amazon StyleCode Live, (13 minutes 50 seconds into the show, video clip above!), you saw me chatting about all the benefits of a Microfiber towel – hopefully after watching, I’ve convinced you to never use a conventional towel again.


The breakage is real people. Your hair is most vulnerable when your hair is wet, drying it with a rough towel (just stroke your hand across your towel, does it feel smooth?), it should. My sister and I had very frizzy, curly hair growing up. We were told by a hair stylist to either use a microfiber towel or a soft tee-shirt but never to use a towel on our strands. This was in 2005 before any articles were coming out about this stuff. I credit so much of my hair health to this, and especially if you suffer from breakage or frizzy hair, this should be on your radar (I’m also a huge fan of just letting your hair air dry sans towel).

There are loads of microfiber towels on the market in all different colors and brands. Amazon has loads in different sizes, colors and brands. Check them out on their carousel, which is the “Hair Towel” tab under the episode link that directly links to options.

As for which is my favorite, it’s actually funny story… I went to an Aquis event and met the founder last year and was given one of their microfiber towels. I’m so loyal to the one I’ve had for a decade — as is my sister, I never opened it. And then I noticed something a few months ago, the towel we both have been using forever is from Aquis! In fact she had a rose print on hers that they no longer make, which the founder told me was a limited run they did for TJMaxx collaboration forever ago. I still have my seafoam green one from that time as well (look at it in the photo above, it’s so ready to be retired, even the logo has changed since then!). They have made some advancements in a fibers since then so brand was generous enough to replace both of our towels. The deluxe one (the white towel shown above), is the Lisse Luxe Hair Towel and I have to admit it feels so much fresher. And yes, Charlie has his own as well — I had enough of a struggle growing his “never-going-to-grow-back” fur when I rescued him that of course got him his own — plus how cute was his cameo on StyleCode Live? Stole the show, right?

As for my other tips, stay away from hair elastics and opt for clips or ties that are gentler to hold hair back to help cut down breakage. And lastly sleep in a silk turbon or silk pillowcase (I talk more about why HERE) but you may just see me on another episode of StyleCode Live discussing this more!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’m headed to Iceland and will be getting a private tour of how the products are made at the Blue Lagoon. If you want to follow along live, catch my insta-stories on Instagram: @prettyconnected.