Me time, yogurt and Aveeno

Having grandparents that were born in Greece, the benefits of yogurt are not lost on me. In my family though the do it all fixer wasn’t Windex, but in fact yogurt. Growing up I had really sensitive skin and was allergic to red dyes. Every now and then I would get flare ups and yogurt would always calm it down. It helped relieve the insatiable itch and dry skin. Yogurt is filled with nourishing and healing nutrients as well as lactic acid, which is a popular AHA that helps dissolve dead skin and tighten pores, and often see it in DIY face mask and skincare recipes.

Aveeno, known for their Active Naturals ingredients which harness the power and calming properties of oatmeal has blended this with the nourishing ingredients found in yogurt to launch the new Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt ($7.99) and Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash ($7.49).  Available in two delicious scents, Apricot & Honey and Vanilla & Oat the Body Yogurts and Wash feature their new ACTIVBIND Complex. This makes up the body yogurt formula, which maintains all day contact with skin for long-lasting moisture and contains essential vitamins, lactose, proteins, lactic acid and lipids found in yogurt.

As an adult having been in the skincare industry for over a decade, I’ve learned how to balance my skin and rarely have the issues I experienced as a kid. I wouldn’t even call my skin sensitive anymore! Dryness on the other hand, especially in the winter time is a constant struggle. The Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection and regimen with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat revitalizes dry skin and hydrates for up to 48 hours. Which I need because as of recent I have not had time to pamper myself daily.

Which is ironic, since I’m someone that really enjoys skincare and taking care of my body. In my usual busy life, putting on masks, indulging in long showers, and taking the time to moisturize are my “me” time. It’s the hour in the bathroom I’m away from my computer, phone, social media and even my dog, and is all about me. I’m also someone that enjoys working out but as of late, I have been rushing through life and powering through my beauty routine. In between fashion week, shoots and I’m doing a lot more tv and videos with brands — it all sounds so glamorous and on Instagram it is, but the prep and meeting all of your deadlines has been stressful. I’ve had to be so ‘on’ and my brain has been on hyperdrive that I haven’t had as much personal or relaxing time.

When Aveeno sent me the Body Yogurt collection months ago, they packaged it with a robe and slippers encouraging me to take a #momentforme (moment for me!).  Of course, since that moment, my life has been a roller coaster and my career, dog, boyfriend, friend/family (in that order) have had my undivided attention. So while I’m burning through the Aveeno products, the plush robe and slippers remained tucked away for a special moment of celebration when my deadlines were met and I could focus on a #MomentForMe.

If you follow me on snapchat/Instagram stories, you’re no stranger to the Aveeno Body Yogurts I’ve been featuring them for months. I use them as part of my routine and religiously before every shoot so my legs look hydrated and on point. Although my dog freakishly loves to lick it off my skin — did you catch that video? He’s never licked my body, past my face until I started using this moisturizer. It’s more fragrant then I generally go for (I usually like a scented body wash, and unscented moisturizer) but I’m obsessed with the consistency. It’s thick and creamy, but absorbs into skin in seconds. And it has that cooling effect like yogurt (although it doesn’t otherwise look or feel like yogurt) when it glides in so it’s not heavy. If a moisturizer can be thick without being heavy and mega hydrating and long lasting that is my ideal. I don’t know how to phrase it better than this formula is my perfect consistency. It also doesn’t make me shiny or leave any residue or product on the surface of skin. It all absorbs in and with intense hydration.

My other confession is I use the Yogurt Body Wash to shave my legs. A girlfriend of mine with really sensitive skin was having a tough time with shaving creams so she started using Aveeno unscented body wash and swore by it. Ever since, I rarely use anything other than one of their body washes to shave my legs. It’s one less step and product in my bathroom and all of them lather nicely, without being so thick like regular shaving cream, which I don’t enjoy.  It feels really lovely on, the Yogurt Body Wash is creamy and formulated with patented Natrasurf technology to gently cleanse without over stripping or damaging skin. And leaves my skin so soft out of the shower. It smells amazing and not just in the shower, but lingers after.

Friday was the finish line (I filmed 5 segments and wrapped up 4 magazine collaborations and fashion week this month!), and the month isn’t over! I celebrated by booking a weekend up the Hudson so I could pamper myself in a hotel, take a bath and spend some time in nature running with my dog off leash. Everything about this past weekend was my idea of paradise! I don’t know that a robe has ever felt so plush, slippers ever so soft or my skin every looking better. It’s amazing when you take care of yourself inside and out how much better you feel as a person. I’m so ready and refreshed for the week to come!

Happy Monday everyone! xoLara

Thank you Aveeno for the products, partnership and inspiring not just a moment but a weekend of me!