8 Face Masks That Made My Year

Confession: I don’t make it out for facials as regularly as I should so I’m big into DIY facials and face masks. I’ll double and even, triple mask at any given time. And to clarify double/triple masking means either you use them all at the time targeting different parts of your face OR what I do, which is use one after the other. The order for me is always, exfoliate, tighten, moisturize. Which you can also do with non-mask beauty products. The idea being when you exfoliate you get rid of all the dead skin cells and then whatever you put on top will absorb and penetrate better into the skin. And any type of exfoliation should be followed up by some type of product to close the pores and moisturize. You don’t have to add more masks but be sure to use an essence or alcohol-free toner, serum and moisturizer (or whatever your product preference is) so that the exposed skin doesn’t take in more dirt now that it’s so exposed from the exfoliation. When it comes to masks, I love ones that brighten, tighten, wake up my skin, fill in the wrinkles, prevent sagging and everything in between. There have been a lot of strong new releases this past years and here are the masks that have been using on repeat:

With the glow king Ole Henriksen
With the glow king Ole Henriksen

Ole Henrikson Power Bright Mask ($55)


It’s no secret Ole Henrikson is the bright skin king. One of my highlights from this past year was meeting him, and man does that man’s skin glows! I think everyone has used his Truth Serum, which is probably the first Vitamin C product I fell in love with. This year he released Power Bright, boosting a 25% Vitamin C Concentrate which is amazing!!! That’s professional-strength and so much higher than what we’re seeing on the market. And it shows with this 3 step mask that makes your skin so bright, it completely lives up to it’s name, Power Bright!

Lancome Energie De Vie Nuit Night Mask ($65)


This overnight recovery mask is unique because instead of washing it off, you apply at night and sleep with it on. It has a watery gel consistency and is filled with antioxidants which cool your skin through the night and leaves it glowing and so hydrated in the morning. It’s a great alternative to anyone that doesn’t enjoy a heavy night cream. And side note I’m in love with the entire Energie De Vie Nuit collection. I’ve used it all but my all stars are this mask, The Energie De Vie Smoothing & Plumping Water-Infused Cream, The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care, and the Smoothing & Plumping Pearly Lotion. It’s my favorite skincare range from Lancome and is amazing for waking up, dull, tired skin. Whatever skincare routine I’m doing, I like to incorporate at least one of the products (doesn’t really matter which) for an extra boost of hydration. The whole collection is weightless and is like watering a plant… and by plant I mean my skin.

Dr. Brandt Needles No More 3-D Filler Mask ($95)


Again, don’t let the word mask fool you, you don’t wash this 3-D Filler Mask off either. And while it is suggested to use only on the middle to lower half of your face to target smile lines and sagging (the original Needles No More, also pictured is more targeted from crow’s feet, wrinkles and expression lines), I totally used it all over my face because I’m obsessed with how well it fills and plumps my skin. It can also be used with the original which is gem in and of itself.  Best plumping mask!

Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier  ($75)


It’s a magnet mask! For real. Apply all over face to help reduce signs of aging. The magnets tighten, purify and rejuvenate skin leaving it younger looking over time.  Apply and let the formula dry, then take the enclosed (real) magnet, wrap it in a tissue and watch the mask attract to the tissue via the magnet and come off your skin. I actually love to double mask with this followed by the Needles No More 3-D Filler.

Dermarche Labs Roloxin Lift Gold Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Mask with 24k Gold ($33)


The gold beauty trend is not lost on me. Not only does it look pretty but also lifts, firms and smoothes out wrinkles. Unlike some of the other 24k masks I’ve used this is the first (and very much like the original Roloxin mask I also love) in that you activate the formula before opening it by squeezing the sachet for 20 seconds and then apply to skin. It comes out gold but dries to a white powder (you can see some of the gold on my cheek that hadn’t dried yet), leaving skin so smooth and soft. I also love how portable it is, since I’m always traveling! Make sure to follow up with a moisturizer or hydrating mask.

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask ($56)


This post party mask is perfect for this time of year. The clay texture makes it feel like a “true” mask and it leaves your skin intensely hydrated after a night out.  Skin is revitalized by removing impurities and you are left with a radiant glow. It works best after the Super Acids X-Treme After-Party Scrub, which scrubs everything but the memories of the night before.

GlamGlow GravityMud Sonic Blue ($69)


For Sega’s 25th Anniversary GlamGlow revealed their Sonic Blue edition of their best-seller GlavityMud Firming Treatment, it sold out in what feels like seconds. Come January they are re-releasing a limited amount. It’s the same formula as the original GravityMud just instead of the silver metallic, it’s now in Sonic’s blue. Apply with the brush, leave on or 20-30 minutes and then it peels off with your hands. It’s a super cool treatment!

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask ($62)


The citrus smell alone of this mask will instantly make you feel refreshed.  Its watery texture has small hydrating scrubbies which exfoliate your skin leaving it hydrated and glowing. Make sure to follow with your regular skincare routine and moisturizer.

What’s your favorite mask? Leave me a comment below or chat with me on social: @prettyconnected.