Silk’n Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device Review


When you have thick, middle eastern dark hair, the shaving struggles are real! As it is I only wash my hair about 2 times a week, which means I need to shave every time I’m in the shower. And I always miss something — usually it’s around my ankles I notice long hairs when I’m putting on my socks. Personally, there’s nothing about shaving that excites me, minus the instant effect of having my hair gone, but if I never had to shave again, it would be a blessing and MAJOR time saver.


Over the years I’ve dabbled in at home laser removal devices but nothing ever worked for me. Either the effects took too long to notice or the experience was annoying so I never stuck to it and always went back to shaving. I occasionally wax as well but I’m so frequently traveling and on the go, I always default to shaving since something at home I can do myself is always the most convenient. That said, my dark hair makes me an excellent candidate for laser treatments and I’ve been seeing the Silk’n Flash&Go Express device all over my Instagram feed!

What Silk’n Flash&Go Express is, is an innovative light-based device for hair removal with potential for permanent results. It can be used on the entire body including the face (as well as legs, pits, bikini…), anywhere from the cheekbones down (don’t use it near your eyes).

While all I’ve read are glowing reviews, I was still skeptical. I partnered with Silk’n to try it out for myself. So far I’ve only done 4 treatments and already am noticing a difference. I’ll report back after 6 months for a full update but as of now I’ve been religiously using it under my armpit every 2 weeks and here’s what I noticed. Treatment 1, nothing (which is to be expected). Treatment 2, not really sure I’m noticing any difference. Treatment 3, my hair seems to be growing slower. Treatment 3, it’s definitely growing back slower and seems thinner. At a professional in-office laser hair removal play it takes at least 6+ treatments so at this stage I’m not expecting miracles but so optimistic for the future. I’ve also used it on my face, which I admit I have very fine, next to nothing in the hair department — the hair grows so slowly, but I’m all about knocking it out for good.


I love how compact it is (it fits in the palm of your hand) and how fast and easy it is to use. You can do your whole body in 20minutes. And my armpits just take about 2-4 minutes each. You can also use it on your face, which is amazing since most devices are just for your body! Plus it plugs into the wall so you never have to deal with batteries or maintaining it.  It’s also very affordable at $299 — that seems like a small price to pay to never have to shave again. Silk’n also makes a compact version for $199, but I’m all about quicker results so I went straight for the Express.

Since I have dark hair and a great candidate for the product (lighter hair and red heads generally have a harder time getting results from laser devices), so I started at a higher setting, originally on 4 and working my way to 5 (which is the highest). I tried 5 on the second trial and found I was a little sensitive a few days later and dropped back down to 4.  Similar to what you would experience in office with a laser, you make contact with your skin, hit the button and it flashes and makes a noise. There is a light burning sensation from when it emits a pulse of energy (HPL), which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. It’s nothing painful or too unpleasant, and then once the pulse is dispersed you move the device down to attack the next patch of skin where hair grows. At all times you should have freshly shaved before using the device so the Flash&Go Express goes directly to the root of the problem.

The best part of using the device is the noticeable progress with every treatment and it doesn’t come with ingrown hairs or razor burn. After a series of treatment, users report less hair growth in the treatment area, and eventually the hair will cease to grow.  I can’t wait to fully join the #NoShaveWave and eliminate razors for good!

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Thank you to Silk’n for partnering with me on this post!