Surfs up with Clif Bar


Photo Credit: Gerald Slevin photography

Last week was a long week. I went from Fashion Week to hosting a charity event on Friday to jumping in my car and driving to Montauk for an awesome, action packed weekend with Clif Bar. Before I get into my awesome weekend (and believe me, it was awesome), my friend Liz asked me a question on Friday I’ve been thinking about all week, “How do I get your energy”.


In my mind she takes on more than me so I found the question funny. Although I’m asked it often enough that I should have a reasonable answer.  In truth I’ve always thought of myself as leading a double life. I’m very active in the fashion/beauty blogging community and often at events but on my spare time all I want to do is travel and be outside, whether it be hiking, snowboarding or something as simple as going for a walk. My boyfriends even slowly turning me into a camper, which we do often enough that I can probably claim that title. I’m a really active person and it’s not easy with my schedule. I accidentally skip meals all the time but I’m very keen on keeping my energy up since I do need to stay focused.

So my short answer is I cut down on drinking, especially if I have a big morning, I stay away from junk food and my pillars when it comes to staying on track are coffee, water, nutrition/energy bars and cold pressed green juice. wandering-bear-coffee-clif-bar-daily-greens-juice

Some latest discoveries are:

Daily Greens cold-pressed juice which squeezes 4.5 lbs of fresh organic produce into every bottle

Wandering Bear Coffee, which is like crack… just kidding (kind of). It’s an amazing, super strong cold brew coffee that gets me through the day. And is a mega time saver in the morning since all I have to do is pour it and add milk. And yes, I packed a box for my trip.

Oxigen water, which is infused with oxygen to make it super water that improve endurance, stamina and can help you recover faster from your workouts. It tastes like normal water and has no chemicals in it, just air, so I’m into it. Although my biggest message in this is to just stay hydrated. Especially if you’re tired.

Clif Bars New Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars – The new Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor is currently my flavor of the month. But in all honesty Clif bar has been a longtime go-to of mine for their tried and true commitment to great tasting nutrition bars that don’t have anything scary in them when you check the ingredients. I usually pack them for hikes or when I’m on trips and otherwise like having a mini bar on hand if my blood sugar starts to drop of I feel myself getting hangry since I do skip meals when I get super busy. My other go to’s are bananas and natural almonds.

Whatever brands you choose to go with, snacking responsibly and staying hydrated will take you far when it comes to keeping your energy up. And yes, I packed all of these things, and sunscreen for the weekend! I did not want to miss a second to being too tired.


Which is why I loved everything about this weekend — including the fact that Charlie got to come since despite being roughly 10 years old he’s a very active pup when taken out to nature. As a blogger we see a lot of hashtags thrown around but #FeedYourAdventure is an appropriate one for Clif Bar. If ever a brand that fits my lifestyle and shares so many of my mantras it’s this one. And they definitely fed my adventure this past weekend. Our Clif Bar hosts, Will and Cody took us on an action packed weekend in Montauk filled with surfing, paddle boarding, sailing with plenty of time to enjoy our hotel — which had a heated pool and bikes for guests!

Current debate: afternoon swim or bike ride? May this be the thoughest question I face all day. #feedyouradventure #montauk
Sole East Resort Montauk

It was an active weekend to say the least and a perfect way to try out Clif Bar’s New Nut Butter Filled energy bars which includes Coconut Almond Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut butter.  I was pretty hooked on the Chocolate Peanut Butter — it’s like a heathy Reese’s! I’m also a diehard for their Bloks Energy Chews, which has a new look, (strawberry flavor is my jam) — they taste like candy. I’m not entirely sure if it was the bars, chews, the perfect weather or adrenaline but I was pumped all weekend — I didn’t even open my computer once!


On Friday we arrived at the Sole East Resort in Montauk, which is dog friendly and has the most comfortable beds (plus Charlie liked how easy it was for him to jump on and off of it. On our beds were a pack of the new Clif Bars and a wet suit top for the next day adventure.

Sole East Montauk Resort
Sole East Montauk Resort

We had an early start Saturday at Ditch Plains Beach, a local surf spot with Corey’s Wave Surf School. The lesson was awesome, and I nailed most of my rides. It’s also amazing how warm a wet suit keeps you, I was so nervous it would be freezing in the water.

Photo Credit: Gerald Slevin photography

This was an especially epic part of our trip since I used to surf before having a herniated disc and since I had the surgery two years ago I have been really hesitant to get back on a board. I was all in this weekend and it totally paid off.


After surfing the team took us to an Oyster Farm in the ocean where we learned things like it takes about 2 years for an oyster to be ready! We went into the water and toured the farm, including the cages and then concluded our tour on a docked boat eating fresh oysters.

Morning surf, afternoon oyster farm tour, sunset cruise --awesome adventure weekend with @clifbarandcompany in Montauk day 1This is just what I needed. #feedyouradventure

After Oyster Farming we went out to dinner at the Grey Lady and sat outside on the water over looking the boats. If you find yourself there, I highly recommend the Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder.

Photo Credit: Gerald Slevin photography

The next morning we went to Eddie Ecker Park and had a Stand-Up Paddle Tour with Evelyn O’Doherty. She’s kind of the most amazing instructor ever, granted she was my first (I usually wing it with paddle boarding) but I learned so much on how to perfect my stroke so I’m exerting less energy and making my strokes count. Riding around the water in the early morning was awesome!

clif-bar-paddle-boarding-nycsurfgirlBeing so active and being surrounded in nature was just what I needed to recharge before heading back to the city.

Thank you so much Clif Bar for an amazing weekend!