Curl Hair While You Sleep with The Sleep Styler

the-sleep-styler-review-curlerI have a new product obsession!  As many of you may have seen on @prettyconnected’s snapchat or Instagram stories, I’ve been testing out The Sleep Styler this past week and I am obsessed!!!!!!! Now that I’ve introduced bleach into my strands I’ve been trying to minimize heating tools as to not add to the damage. The Sleep Styler is a re-invented old-school hair roller, that comes in a set of 8 plush cylinders, which require no heat and dry your hair to curl perfection overnight. They just launched kickstarter at and the response has been so amazing! They had a goal of $10k and are already at $40k!!! It’s well deserved and the process could not be easier!

Step 1: Shower and wait for hair to be damp (as in about 80% dry)

Step 2: Section hair into 8 parts (or you can order 2 packs if you want more sections) and wrap damp hair around the cushioned rod and fasten with the velcro strap. I found this video helpful to roll correctly.sleep-styler-review

Step 3: Sleep (your curlers should be intact in the AM). Tip: I sleep on this memory foam silk pillow. The curlers are comfortable to sleep on as is but with a memory foam it was cloud like. And everyone should sleep on a silk pillowcase regardless everyday since it’s better for your hair since cotton can be abrasive — especially if you toss and turn a lot. the-sleep-styler-review

Step 4: Remove the curlers to release big, perfect, lush curls!

From there you can break up the curls, add hair spray or leave them as is. Day 1 hair is super glam, day 2 might have been even better. I used no product and had so much volume and a beautiful tousled wave.the-sleep-styler-shark-tank

I highly recommend joining in on the kickstarter. They are offering discounts of $33 for one set, and $48 for two. Shipments are going out this month to anywhere in the world! I’ve never encountered anything completely heatless that can create this kind of curl. And for anyone with a crazy lifestyle waking up to glam and go hair is a dream!


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