OXiGEN water, beach bags and cliff walks


Splendid Crocheted High-Neck Swim Top and bottom (on sale!)

Ray-ban Gatsby Tortoise Green Mirror

Sudio Sweden Earphones Vasa Rose Gold White

Abaco Beach Company Beach Hair Don’t Care Beach Hat and Beach Blanket

Ban.do Love Potion Flask

 OXiGEN water and shot

Neutrogena CoolDry Sport SPF 50, Moroccanoil Sun Lotion SPF 30, La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection SPF 50


My goodness does it feel great to be back in Newport!! Not much has changed since last year, it’s still perfect. Today we hit up the beach and it’s not an exaggeration when I say at any given time I have three sunblocks on me. One for my face, another for the body and then Neutrogena CoolDry Sport SPF 50 because it’s great for quick application and isn’t messy. Lately my body SPF of choice has been Moroccanoil Sun Lotion SPF 30 it feels so luxe (it’s more of a wet liquid consistency) and smells amazing. And La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection SPF 50 for my face, since when in Newport, be fancy. It smells like their signature moisturizer and doubles as a primer that works to repair past sun damage while preventing any future damage. Beach Hat, sunnies, a book, water and headphones make up the rest of my beach bag staples (all listed above).


I’ve been traveling with my Sudio Sweden ear buds (which I previously reviewed HERE) since they are light and I love the white/rose gold combo. They are offering my readers an exclusive 15% off with code: PrettyConnected.


One of my favorite things to do while in Newport is Cliff Walk. I am a water sign (whatever that means) and all I know is all I want is to be surrounded by water while drinking it. The Cliff Walk is my idea of paradise. It has sand, rocks and the most spectacular views. On the water front, my latest discovery is is OXiGEN water. It caught my eye since it claims to improve endurance, stamina and can help you recover faster from your workouts; as well as speed up bouncing back from jet lag, decrease hangover effects and offer greater mental clarity. Now that may sound crazy, but with an ingredient list of distilled water, and ASO (which is basically a mix of water, oxygen and sea salt), I was all about trying it. If you’re going to fix all my problems and don’t involve adding any chemicals to my diet, I’m in.oxygen-water-splendid-navy-stripe-pants

Digging more into ASO®, it’s an activated stabilized oxygen, which contains the O4 molecule instead of the normal O2 in H2O. With 1000 parts per million in every bottle (other brands have around 15 ppm). Basically we don’t get enough oxygen, and what we breathe has tons of pollution mixed in so getting more from your water source into your blood stream is a good thing. It’s proven by scientists that OXiGEN does in fact provide natural energy and a mental boost, which with my lack of sleep and current state of brain overload, I desperately need.


It comes in two forms, a normal OXiGEN 20 fl oz Oxygenated Water that tastes like normal water. There is a hit of the ASO/sea salt that gives it a bit of an after taste so for all you that taste a big difference between Evian and FIJI water you’ll probably notice. Still, it subtle. Then there’s the OXiGEN 0.5 fl oz Oxygenated Shot, which legit tastes like salt water and you let dissolve under your tongue for maximum effect. They should be taken on an empty-ish stomach anywhere from 30min before or 1 hour after food. It’s safe for dogs, pregnant women and everything/one in between (it really is just water, oxygen and salt). I go for the shot and give Charlie the bottle… jk, I drink both but not kidding I give him the water bottle. He’s 10 years old! If you follow me on snapchat (@prettyconnected) you know I’ve been all go…go…go lately and have seen me do the shots on camera. I have physical therapy twice a week for my back and need all the help on recovery time that I can get. That and I have terrible circulation so I’m hoping this helps. Although I see the humor in being reduced to shooting water to help get me through the day. Also it’s safe to take before bed as there’s no caffeine or anything funky in it. It’s about $2/bottle and $3/shot and available in cases on Amazon and basically at every grocery or health store in California and Colorado.

If you try it you have to let me know what you think. xoLara @prettyconnected