Taking the #LessStuffMoreMe NuFACE Challenge

This is my first weekend at home, in my bed in months! Isn’t that crazy? And my entire apartment is a mess. Living in NYC and being a full-time beauty and fashion blogger comes with a lot of perks. As most of you see from my daily unboxings on snapchat (@prettyconnected if you want to follow me) I get flooded with surprise packages everyday and while it’s beyond flattering and exciting… averaging in an intake of 200+ products a month in an NYC apartment is stressful. So much so James is considering moving out because he can’t handle the clutter.living-room-clean

Let me give you an idea of my living room with a before and after. Or rather I’m putting the after up so you can get a sense of how zen my life feels when I’m organized. And the after below so you can feel how stressed it is walking into a cluttered apartment and know you have 15 more boxes to open and try to find homes for. I shoot a lot in my living room but I find it so unacceptable that I let the clutter take over the this extent.


Normally I have the situation moderately handled but when I’m traveling non-stop everything gets out of control and my apartment looks like a picked through Sephora sample sale. One of my favorite beauty device brands, NuFACE created a Clutter Cleanse Challenge with a 28 day plan to help inspire beauty enthusiasts to toss expired products, get rid of clothing they no longer wear, among other challenges to help you keep sane — I think the hashtag says it all: #LessStuffMoreMe.

Currently if you’re keeping up with NuFACE from when they kicked off the program they are on day 13, which is “Remove at least 5 pieces from your closet that don’t make you happy… and don’t forget those shoes and accessories!” I’m starting today so I’m carpe diem-ing with this challenge to knock out as many of these recommendations as I can; by doing a combination of donating my beauty products to my charity where all the unused, new items go to women shelters, as well as donating my ignored clothing to Good Will. I also proudly turned donating 5 items into 36 pieces (see above filled bags, I did it mom!).  And I still have more to go!

Check out the NuFACE blog for the full 28 day calendar and join in! Also I was featured in a story recently for POPSUGAR on how to organize your makeup (click HERE for the article) for some added inspiration.

You can also read my past review on NuFACE HERE and learn more at mynuface.com

It’s good to be home and cleaning! Thank you NuFACE for the much needed push!