Thrive Launches Triple Threat Color Stick


Thrive Causemetics is one of those empowering brands, that takes beauty with a purpose to a whole new level. Their founder + CEO, Karissa Bodnar is an incredible woman who makes the world a better place. We share a mission of wanting to empower women to feel confident through beauty, mine with with blog and my Share Your Beauty foundation, and Karissa with all that she does for women fighting cancer. For every product purchased from the line, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment. She also names her products after inspiring woman. Having made a large splash in the industry with their line of lashes and lash glue, they have now expanded past eyes and brows to their first major color launch, Triple Threat Color Stick. To blush and highlight, these sticks can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. They are paraben and sulfate free and infused with age-defying vitamin C and evening primrose oil to brighten and hydrate skin. They blend beautifully and includes a built-in brush to effortlessly apply and sculpt. Just the name Triple Threat alone makes you feel like a bad a$$ putting them on.


There are four shades in the collection: Maggie (rose pink shimmer) and Joy (pearl white with a twinge of rose gold shimmer), Dionne (brick red shimmer), Olivia (coral shimmer) all swatched above in order left to right, top to bottom. Great for travel with a very pretty prismatic sheen these are four very pretty, wearable shades that are perfect for summer.

Karissa sent me the nicest note along with the four shades, lifting me up with her words in her ever inspiring way. She also included a namesake necklace that said Lara on one side, and then Brave, Driven and Vibrant and tasked me with writing three things I love about myself and to share them with the world. I love my openness, adventurous nature and creativity. I also love my commitment to my friends and making this world a better place. I wear my necklace as a reminder to take a moment every time I see it in the mirror to appreciate my strength and push forward as a positive person I want to be. I give you all that same task or writing down 3 things you love about yourself and if you don’t feel like sharing it with the world then say it out loud and take a moment to appreciate yourself.

I wish you all a beautiful day! xoLara