Run Ready with Brooks

brooks-running-run-happy-global-running-dayThis morning, I got my butt out of bed at 6:30am — my fellow non-morning people can appreciate this to kick off Global Running day with a 5k run with Brooks Running and break in my new Adrenaline GTS. I have a pretty decent collection of Brooks styles but my marathon running bestie swears by this style and I have back to back runs this week and next in DC so I’ll take any recommendations. I was hoping to get out this past weekend but it was too hot to run and too beautiful out to go to the gym (the catch-22 that is the story of my life). For all of us that need an extra push and in the spirit of Global Running Day, Brooks released their annual Global Run Happy Report which revealed just how fierce the power of running is.


Some staggering stats for you percentage loving individuals — just note for all of you working out in makeup, this is psa to at least try to avoid foundation/concealer or any type of face makeup. That’s getting mixed with dirt and going directly into your pores. And if you are going to wear eye products make sure they are waterproof. Okay makeup police rant over — well almost, if you can’t avoid it then at least try to make sure you wash your face/shower as soon as you’re done exercising.

With that, here we go…

For nearly all runners (97%), running makes their day better. In addition to sculpted legs and a healthy heart, the miles offer a blank canvas for new, creative ideas. Fifty seven percent of runners reported they’re most likely to come up with their most creative ideas on the run versus in the shower (18%) or in the car (13%). 

More stats:


  • Worldwide, 59% of runners share their runs on social media and Facebook is the most popular platform (40%).
  • Whether before, during or after, 35% of runners agree run selfies are a must.


  • Thirty four percent of runners worldwide compared their intimacy style to a marathon: slow, steady and in it for the long haul while 37% prefer an interval-style, with periods of high energy and breaks. Only 19% admitted they like to get a little dirty with a lot of laughs à la mud runs.
  • The run can also be a natural aphrodisiac with more than half of runners (54%) reporting the energy boost from running is a natural turn on.


  • For women worldwide, the greatest concern when running is lack of support from their sports bra (30%). When they find the right fit, more than half of female runners in the U.S. (65%) said they would wear their sports bra in place of their regular bra.
  • To wear or not to wear? Nearly half (48%) of female runners globally, run or consider running, in just their sports bra. Women in the U.S. are most likely (24%) to ditch their shirt while those in France are least likely to run shirtless (73%).
  • Mascara, blush and concealer; it’s a toss-up. Fifty six percent of female runners always or sometimes wear makeup on the run while 44% vow never to sweat it out with makeup.


  • Most runners would choose to represent their country at the Olympics by carrying the torch through their hometown (37%), or competing in a track & field event (41%).
  • When asked to pick their dream relay squad, athletes (53%) are more coveted than Hollywood actors (19%), supermodels (12%) and the royal family (11%). In last place were the Kardashian sisters (Kourtney, Kim and Khloe), with only 4%.

For more information about the survey including what tunes runners like to rock out to and how they run the world, visit the Brooks Running blog. And for more ways to celebrate Global Running Day visit