Spread Softness with Splendid

splendid-spread-the-softnessA few weeks ago Charlie and I stopped by Splendid’s pop-up store in Soho with some of gal-pals to celebrate their Spread Softness campaign. If you’ve ever owned one of their tee you know softness is synonymous with the brand. But their crusade to make the world a softer place has more dimension. At Splendid, they believe that softness comes in many forms. Even more so than their cozier then ever fabrics, its about appreciating one another, celebrating special moments, family, and being a catalyst for kindness. The smallest gesture can have the biggest impact on someone’s day. And they want to encourage everyone doing their part to make this a softer world!


To help spread softness at the event we mailed out care packages featuring the Splendid limited edition tee’s a few other goodies to someone special. I sent the custom bundle to my little sister. This is actually something I try to do regularly to both my younger siblings who are in college since getting mail — and especially a care package — is enough to make anyones day. Especially when it’s a surprise. I also took a million pictures of Charlie in the tee shirt and texted it to them since the only thing softer then him solo is him in the Splendid campaign tee.

If you’re feeling the love, tag @SplendidLA with #spreadsoftness on Instagram and each week they are selecting a “SOFTIE OF THE WEEK” to receive a pack of their exclusive soft tees.