Lean in 15 with Joe Wicks

On Tuesday I joined personal trainer and global fitness sensation Joe Wicks aka @TheBodyCoach for his signature HIIT (high intensity interval) workout and launch of his new cookbook, Lean in 15. Three days later, I’m still feeling the burn in muscles I didn’t know I had. joe-wicks-the-body-coach-event

The entire workout was maybe 25 minutes and was 30 seconds of something ultra physical (variations of jumping, push ups, leg kicks) and then a 30 second break. It was actually really fun, until I woke up the next day in a body coma (although I kind of love it when I’m sore from working out). His whole #LeanIn15 slogan comes from how he started out, making 15 second workout videos on social — you should check them out @thebodycoach — and now for his cookbook it’s filled with 15-minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy!

Check out his site at thebodycoach.co.uk and his book is available on amazon.com.

Great to meet you Joe and thank you for the butt kicking!