Must Visit: Macy’s NYC Flower Show and Scent Preview


Spring is definitely in the air at Macy’s. Their annual flower show is in full bloom as is their fragrance aisle. From Wednesday, March 23rd – Saturday, April 2nd, in-store and on customers will be guided through a vast array of fragrances for men and women to discover their perfect scent. These are also the dates that the flowers will be on display at Herald Square — and newsflash, every flower, plant and greenery is all real! Even the Cherry Blossoms that look fake they are so perfect!macy's-scent-preview-event

This morning I took a tour of the flower show for a private unveiling before the store opened and spent some one on one time master perfumers, Frank Voelkl, Harry Fremont, Rodrigo Flores Roux, Pascal Gaurin and Ralf Schwieger

Now these may seem like just names to you but for me these are the men behind some of the most beloved fragrances. Frank Voelkl created Le Labo Santal 33. My #1 fragrance of all time (errr not sold at Macy’s). I recently fell in love with Raw Spirit fragrances and just posted about Desert Blush which is Harry Fremont’s work (also not sold at Macy’s). But everything else I mention is and every guy on this list has created something in my fragrance collection for one brand or another that it was beauty blogger heaven at Macy’s this morning! Also click the link under each perfumers name above to see the full roster of fragrances they created!


Each perfumer presented a unique fragrance they worked on as part of Macy’s Scent event and it was so amazing getting to spend one on one time with these gentleman. Lets start with Frank Voelkl, since I’m such a fan girl when it comes to this man’s talent! He presented Gucci Bamboo!


Rodrigo Flores-Roux presented John Varvatos Fragrance. Fun fact: Rodrigo created EVERY John Varvatos fragrance ever created! All 12 of them with more to come! That’s incredible since most brands mix it up but these two have been together from the start. Also James’ signature scent is the classic John Varvatos so I had to thank him for creating such a perfect fragrance. macy's-john-varvatos-fragrance

Harry Fremont presented True Romance. He created the original (there is now three in the collection), which is on it’s 20th anniversary! True Romance is an iconic fragrance and again, complete honor to meet the man behind the scent. The latest scent, Tender Romance is sweet and cheeky with white magnolia and a touch of ginger and musk. macys-scent-event-ralph-lauren-true-romance

Ralf Schwieger presented Giorgio Armani Si. A huge award winner, and who isn’t a fan of the scent and face of it, Cate Blanchett? The latest to the collection is a rose edition with a fourth scent launching soon (and a fifth is already in the works). macy's-armani-si

Pascal Gaurin presented the newly launched, CK2. It’s hard to follow such an iconic ck1 and for all of us 90s babies we all have found memories of wearing (and sharing the scent with our boyfriends). The latest one takes the urban feel of this city and the nature we’re surrounded by (mainly the ocean) and mixes the two contrasts to create this gender neutral fragrance that’s electric and fresh with packaging that’s to die for.  I want to reach for it like a tall glass of water and the weight of it and glass is awesome. You must go check it out, spritz and lift it if you’re in the fragrance aisle.


Following one on ones with all of the perfumers Macy’s took us on an exclusive tour of the Flower Show which opens today at Macy’s Herald Square and again, features all real, fresh flowers! It’s spectacular and worth the visit. Taking inspiration and florals from all over the country here’s a sneak peek at the store. And if you’re on snapchat, you have 24 hours to see the tour live on my handle @prettyconnected.


There’s no better way to have spent National Fragrance Day. Thank you Macy’s!