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Must Visit: Macy’s NYC Flower Show and Scent Preview


Spring is definitely in the air at Macy’s. Their annual flower show is in full bloom as is their fragrance aisle. From Wednesday, March 23rd – Saturday, April 2nd, in-store and on Macys.com customers will be guided through a vast array of fragrances for men and women to discover their perfect scent. These are also the dates that the flowers will be on display at Herald Square — and newsflash, every flower, plant and greenery is all real! Even the Cherry Blossoms that look fake they are so perfect!macy's-scent-preview-event

This morning I took a tour of the flower show for a private unveiling before the store opened and spent some one on one time master perfumers, Frank Voelkl, Harry Fremont, Rodrigo Flores Roux, Pascal Gaurin and Ralf Schwieger