Get Swim Season Ready with Target

Thank you, Target, for sponsoring this post!

target-bathing-suit-5Xhilaration Flounce Bralette Bikini Top + Xhilaration Strappy Hipster Bikini Bottom

This has been a really exciting year for me (and it just started!). My New Years resolution was to be healthier and I gave up alcohol for all of January and started cycling regularly. I was able to score some Coachella tickets for April so I’ve been focused on getting back into a bikini and taking better care of myself after a decadent (aka dessert and champagne galore) holiday season. The first major milestone was making it through the first month without cheating (one step at a time) and it’s so motivating to see a difference already.

When it comes to bathing suits I’ve always been very self-conscious about my bust. Wearing an XL top and size S bottom always made me feel disproportionate and growing up I had the toughest time finding suits. Last year at Coachella, despite bringing three suits, I didn’t put on a single one. Embracing your body, no matter your size is so important. Everyone there came in all shapes and sizes and they all looked so beautiful; it’s true what they say about all of those body fears we face being in our heads. Knowing that and finding a suit that makes us feel confident is so important.

target-bathing-suit-6Mossimo Strappy Halter Bikini Top + Mossimo Strappy Hipster Bikini Bottom

For February Target is launching an epic swim campaign – #NOFOMO, TargetStyle (no fear of missing out)! It’s all about getting over those insecurities and taking back that positive attitude and embracing the fact that this is going to be the best summer ever and nothing is going to hold us back. Least of all swimsuit season!

I’m committing to feeling better about myself and partnering with Target to embody this campaign to prove to myself that I can overcome my insecurities. Hopefully I’ll inspire all of you to follow suit. I’ve never even posted a bikini shot on my Instagram and now I’m going for the gold posting multiple styles!

No matter my size or challenges in finding a suit, Target has always been the place where I could find great styles and patterns in such a variety of fits and at budget-friendly prices. About 7 years ago, I took a spontaneous trip from New York to Connecticut to visit a friend whose car broke down last minute and would only be in town for one night. His hotel had a heated pool and the only store in the area I knew would have swimsuits was Target. I bought two bikinis (when I only needed one) because I was so excited to find something that fit and made me feel good about myself. I still have those suits…

So when Target wanted to partner with me to help me share my bathing suit experiences, I wanted this to be the moment I get some confidence, keep my health-related resolutions and share some great finds with you all (especially for my fellow busty ladies).

target-bathing-suit-2Xhilaration Push Up Halter Bikini top + Mossimo Short Bikini Bottom (Black)target-bathing-suit-1Xhilaration Push Up Halter Bikini top + Xhilaration Strappy Hipster Bikini Bottom

For starters, I’m 32DD (who can sometimes get away with a 34D). In my experience, most L and XL tops are cut for smaller chested women who are broader. I’m the opposite: I need a tighter strap with a larger cup. Target has all sizes (including plus sizes) in so many prints, solids and in every silhouette under the sun. Their assortment was so grand I probably tried on 30 suits, many of which fit, and then narrowed it down to four tops and three bottoms that I could mix and match.

They also have so many different bottom types to match each top, so it’s easy to customize. When shopping for separates it’s important to consider what suits you have at home. For instance, black suits are a go-to and I have a basic black bikini bottom so, when adding to my collection, I wanted a more funky black bikini bottom like the Xhilaration Strappy Hipster style, which has a neon yellow and pink strap, as well as the Mossimo Short Bikini Bottom since I wanted a sportier bottom for when I paddleboard or do yoga on the beach this summer.

target-bathing-suit-4Xhilaration Flounce Bralette Bikini Top + Xhilaration Strappy Hipster Bikini Bottom

target-bathing-suit-3Xhilaration Flounce Bralette Bikini Top (black) + Mossimo Short Bikini Bottom (black)

All these pieces are sold as separates and range from $14.99 – $22.99, so they are budget-friendly, which also makes the splurge that much easier. I almost kept buying but considering we’re in snow season, I decided to slow it down.

While it may be cold outside, winter is a great time to buy a swim suits since it gives you something to look forward to. Also last-minute shopping can be stressful and they’re something you know you’re going to need in the months ahead. (It also makes planning a warm escape that much more exciting).

Personally, I like to go in store to try on suits because my sizing can be all over the place but I recognize many of you may prefer to shop online. Both in-store and on have an unbelievable number of suits to pick from. And if you find a style you love get it in a solid and pattern, like I did with the Xhilaration Flounce Bralette Bikini Top. With Target’s free shipping and free return policy you can try as many swimsuits as you want and return whatever doesn’t work!

Conquer your fear, and once you do and find that perfect suit, you’ll be so much more excited for warmer days ahead!


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