Brighter Days with Clinique Pep-start

clinique-pep-startIf you follow me on snapchat (which I hope all of you do @prettyconnected), 3 things you’ve probably noticed: 1. I’m not a morning person, 2. I’m always busy and running around to events, and 3. I don’t sleep enough.

We all have our AM routines, for me it’s up-beat get-me-out-of-bed music, a body shower and coffee to kick start my day.  However, none of those help the looming tired eyes after a long day or sleepless night. Well my fellow sleep deprived friends, there is good news! Clinique’s NEW Pep-Start Eye Cream ($26.50) is designed to brighten eyes and show results in just 3 seconds!

I’ve been a long-time fan of Clinique and their eye products. Their Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment is one of my all time favorite eye creams and a staple in my bathroom. It’s a brand I trust and I’m so excited to partner with them for the launch of their latest eye cream,Pep-Start.


After getting an early sample of the new Pep-Start Eye Cream and using it for the past week, I joined Clinique yesterday for the launch and Daybreaker morning party.

If you followed the snapchat you know I was up at 6am, brightening those eyes with the product and then headed to Daybreaker at 7am for what I can only describe as a wild, wellness rave dance party. And speaking of snapchat the party also served as Clinique’s debut to the platform. You can now follow them on snapchat:

Hosted at Space Ibiza in NYC, Daybreaker, is the international trending dance movement designed to exhilarate and bring to life the Pep-Start lifestyle (energized, positive, and up for anything!). Basically it cultivates self-expression and helps kick off your day in a positive, upbeat way that made it the perfect pairing to all that the eye cream embodies.

clinique-pepstart-daybreakerThe timing was actually perfect for me since I took a break from drinking for 30 days and have been stepping up my fitness game. It was crazy costumes, high energy and two hours of endless dancing complete with surprise performances — our Daybreaker party featured the New York Knick’s City Dancers and a flame thrower. Going to a sober party with that much energy, a brightening eye cream and green juice as the beverage of choice was everything I needed to pump me up for the day.


Celebrating the Pep-Start Eye Cream with 900 fans (yes, that’s how many people showed up to the event!), was awesome! The product delivers and is the first eye cream I’ve ever carried in my makeup bag.


Housed in an adorable and happy orange tube this eye treatment is packed with a blend of seven peptides to help stimulate and maintain collagen and elastin, which can be threatened by stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep. The basic downfall of every New Yorker I know. Look awake in seconds by simply removing the lid, pull the circular applicator head out, then squeeze and swipe the formula under your eyes. It’s formulated to work both instantly and over time and plumps the skin to help diminish fatigue, sallowness and discoloration under the eye area.

If you have dark circles this will instantly brighten but you’re still going to need that concealer to get rid of deep discoloration. I love that it’s lightweight and water-based so it quickly absorbs and feels really refreshing on. It’s great under makeup and then mid-day or if I’m going out in the evening I like to apply it over my makeup for another brightening boost.

It also helps with puffy eyes — when mine are really bad I use a little extra product and let it sit on top of my puffy bags for about a minute before pressing the excess in! I snagged an extra one at the event so I now have my original one in the bathroom as part of my morning AM routine and one in my makeup bag for when my eyes need a little pick-me-up.

Try it for yourself. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream ($26.50) is available exclusively at Sephora and

Thank you Clinique for partnering with me on this post!