LeSportsac Gets a New Look

lesportsac-new-lookFor all of my fellow LeSportsac fans, I have some news! For Spring 2016 LeSportsac is getting a new look. While that may not sound like good news, it is! Rest assured fun prints and solids in our favorite silhouettes: backpacks, makeup cases and travel/workout bags are still in the collection. They’ve just updated the material so that it’s lighter then ever and added some new styles and enhanced functionality features.

lesportsac-backpackTheir new motto is “Holds everything weighs nothing” and it’s so true! It literally weighs nothing and are the most lightweight bags I’ve ever felt. I always recommended in travel stories to pack an extra bag in your suitcase in case you shop.  And the new bags are beyond perfect for that.

lesportsac-backpacks lesportsac-tote
They are virtually weightless thanks to the mico ribstop fabric they developed and removal of all bag liners. Instead the fabric will be coated with a metallic silver or pearl color. They have also updated the zippers to have a metallic coating and the hardware, which was formerly made of plastic has been converted to aluminum. Bags, depending on the style still feature inside and outside compartments and pockets so they continue to fuel our lifestyle needs.

lesportsac-print-bagThe new bags were unveiled at the LeSportsac store in Soho, where they are currently available as well as on Lord & Taylor’s site. They will be launching on LeSportsac’s website and in all LeSportsac locations in early February.