Watch Alex Box Create the Beauty Look Backstage at Issey Miyake

mac cosmetics pigment backstage at issey miyake

Backstage at Issey Miyake all eyes were on lead artist Alex Box who individually painted a beautiful eye design on every model that walked the runway. Leading the show for MAC Cosmetics, Box sat every model down on the ground and custom painted/blew an eye design using MAC’s Pigments. Alternating between bright colors she mixed the pure pigment with MAC Pro Mixing Medium Water Base then dropped them on the sides of the eyes blowing with a straw the access color so it created a unique design and then went in with a makeup brush to refine the look.

{Watch Alex Box create this beautiful eye!}

Box took inspiration from the tropical jungle, mainly butterfly’s and birds of paradise but not just as stills but how they move. Trying to create that intense flicker you see in the corner of your eye as you peek them in the corner of your eye.backstage_issey_miyake_2


alex box issey miyake backstage with mac cosmeticsbackstage_issey_miyake_4She purposefully positioned the models on the ground so that the design would evolve and move like the roots of a tree and not upright so all of the paint would trickle down with gravity. This way the design would be more organic.


The result and process was one of the most unique and exciting backstage looks we’ve seen yet. Watch how the models are transformed in the video above.

issey miyake makeup look by mac backstage_issey_miyake_6

To keep the skin flawless and glowing, the team applied MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation as needed followed by Peach Strobe Cream Shade Extension (coming next spring 2016!), over the cheekbones, temples and down the center of the nose and chin to highlight. Posey Cremeblend blush was then applied to cheeks for a flush of color.