Global Citizen Festival Partners with H&M to launch limited edition T-Shirt designed by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay

We’re less then a month away from the Global Citizen Festival featuring headliners Beyonce, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Peal Jam! It’s a completely free concert where the only way to get tickets is to good for the planet (how much do you love that?!).

Global Citizen works to help fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet.

I was in H&M the other day and noticed the fashion brand is partnering with Global Citizen to help create a more sustainable fashion future. Recycle your old clothes or purchase an exclusive shirt starting today designed by Coldplay and Ed Sheeran pictured below for a chance to win tickets to the festival and get 20% off your next purchase.

coldplay ed sheeran h&M global citizen shirtYou can also win by heading to to sign up and earn points. The site shows you all the ways to earn points which includes shares on social media, signing petitions, writing letters to politicians or calling their offices about issues affecting the world’s poor. These points are then redeemable for festival tickets as well as other events.

The Global Citizen Festival will take place September 26 this in Central Park on the Great Lawn. And is hosted by Stephen Colbert, Selma Hayek Pinault, Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackman, Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde

As most of you know I work a lot with New York Cares to volunteer at soup kitchens. There’s a number of other volunteer opportunities whether you’re only able to donate your time once in a while or on a regular basis. I strongly encourage any of you have have the time or means to make a difference to do so.

We live in an awesome time where giving back can be through social media, in person or by making donations. Whatever level you’re able to do to make this world a better place I strongly encourage it. As some of you know I co-founded, Share Your Beauty, the first sustainable beauty donation program to donate beauty and hygiene products to shelters in the NYC Tri-State. We regularly host drives and accept products year round in NYC and Westchester for anyone with access products and samples they would like to donate you can learn more HERE.