Ricky’s NYC Launches Instagram Inspired Beauty Store

Source: @rickys_nyc

Currently Trending: Ricky’s hops on the Instagram wagon. No, they aren’t late to the Instagram party, rather they are the first to capitalize on an Instagram inspired store. New York-based businessman Richard Parrott, president of the beauty store Ricky’s NYC, is taking advantage of the social media beauty frenzy by opening a beauty store that only sells Instagram-famous products.

The Soho shop (489 Broadway, New York, NY 10012), named # (hashtag) specializes in cosmetics that are popular on the social media site, including ones that are endorsed by beauty experts, stylists, and social media trendsetters. Parrott is giving up-and-coming companies an opportunity to expand their businesses and make their names known alongside the world’s top beauty brands with the added value of Instagram exposure.

We’ll double tap to that!