Summer Swim with TYR

TYR Sonoma Bathing Suit

As a size 2/4, being a D cup makes it next to impossible to find a bikini that fits. For starters, I have to buy the top and bottom as separates — the curse of a small bottom and XL top. For some reason a D equals a DD (or larger with a lot of swim brands), and for someone that’s been successfully hiding her bust size since middle school, lets just say it’s been a challenge.TYR bikinis

I’m also as many of you know super active and an SPF fiend, which is why I’m so excited to have found TYR bikinis! It’s a brand synonymous with swim and sponsoring big swim events. However, I always think of their iconic one-piece and never thought to check out their other selections. Until now. They have the most incredibly versatile two pieces in a variety of styles that are perfect for an active lifestyle and affordable. They offer a 360 degree range of motion and UPF 50+ (which is sun protection in clothing).

Sonoma V-Neck Open Back Bikini Top

They are also very versatile. I’ve tried three different styles, the Santa Rosa Triangle Bikini Top which is super sexy on me and with the black straps and how it adjusts I’ve worn it as a bra under sundresses. Then there’s the Sonoma V-Neck Open Back Bikini Top which is awesome for doubling as a sports bra. Super supportive and holds everything in without feeling too tight or restricted. Lastly the Coral Bay Reef Knot Bikini Top which is like a hybrid between the two. It has thin straps so it looks cute under clothes and is less revealing. And it can double as a sports bra for less strenuous activities like yoga and paddle boarding. For anything more physical like running or requires a lot of jumping movements the Sonoma V-Neck style is tops!


Additional styles are available as well as a vast variety of bikini bottom types. The prints are all super fun and I’m just in love with all of them. I started with the Santa Rosa Triangle Bikini Top style for when I was in Peru and now that I’ve been non-stop traveling these swim suits all keep up with me. And the versatility is great since being I can never pack as much as I’d like. And being super outdoorsy, these have been the best. I just wish I had them in Australia for all the snorkeling and paddle boarding adventures. Although this week in  Austin we have a lot of swimming and hiking plans so they will all be put to good use.tyr_austin_bikini3

All the styles I picked are $39.99, however they have amazing sales on similar styles and additional styles that vary in price.

Summer is here and there’s nothing better then feeling confident when you have to put on a bathing suit. Check out the full collection of active swimwear at