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Miraclesuit Swim Trip to Tulum

It doesn’t get any better then a press trip to Tulum with Miraclesuit, a swim brand that boosts making you look 10lbs lighter. Which after letting my body hibernate all winter, I desperately needed. While I find statements like that generally gimmicky; upon putting their suit on and watching everything be lifted and sucked in, it was like I had my 20s body back! Unfortunately my old abs weren’t included. You can feel the quality in these suits.

Now for my confession. I basically corset my boobs on a daily basis and I am more apt to be in a sports bra, oversized top than a tight fitting dress or regular bra because I’m a 34DD and totally self conscious. To make bathing suit shopping that much more difficult, my big boobs are coupled with my long torso making it next to impossible for me to wear regular suits. In fact I’ve ordered so many XL bikini tops from every major department store and return 90% of them because

Summer Swim with TYR

TYR Sonoma Bathing Suit

As a size 2/4, being a D cup makes it next to impossible to find a bikini that fits. For starters, I have to buy the top and bottom as separates — the curse of a small bottom and XL top. For some reason a D equals a DD (or larger with a lot of swim brands), and for someone that’s been successfully hiding her bust size since middle school, lets just say it’s been a challenge.