Maybelline SuperStay BetterSkin Foundation and Concealer

Maybelline Better Stay

Foundations make a lot of claims nowadays. Everything from removing redness and evening skin-tone to protecting from the sun. However, most don’t make claims to improve your actual skin by using them, at best they don’t clog your pores. So when one comes along claiming all of the above, you better believe I’m all over trying it!

maybelline Maybelline SuperStay BetterSkin Foundation

Introducing BetterSkin, Maybelline’s first long-wear foundation that’s formulation improves skin every minute you’re in it. I’ve been putting SuperStay Better Skin Foundation and SuperStay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector to the test and I have to say I am completely impressed. The foundation glides on so smooth and makes my skin glow. It’s ultra lightweight, great for evening skin tone and covering all of my imperfections. Which, as you can see from the close ups, discoloration is a big concern of mine. Plus it has SPF15! For added coverage just dab the concealer on areas of concern. It goes on creamy but dries perfectly even with your skin. Some people prefer to use a concealer first, but in this case the foundation does such a great coverage job of evening me out without hiding my beauty marks that I only go in with the concealer when needed or bring it in my purse for any touch ups.

SuperStay Better Skin Foundation is comprised of Micro-Flex Technology and Actyl-C, a vitamin extract. Whatever this vitamin extract is, it’s brightening powers are very evident and the formula is designed to deliver more radiant, more even, refreshed skin in just three weeks and offer all-day comfortable flawless coverage. I will say, you should never rely on just a foundation for better skin and always follow a healthy skincare regimen. That said, I took the three week challenge and have been religiously using the foundation and concealer (about 4-5 times a week) and am incredibly happy with my skin condition. I’m at about the same level of even-tone but the radiance took a major boost and my pores aren’t clogged or inflamed. The texture is also really nice and while I generally use a foundation brush to apply my makeup, this one is super easy to do by hand and still get that even complexion.

If you are oily skin or get really dewy due to intense humidity, finish with a powder or translucent powder.

SuperStay Better Skin Foundation ($11.99) and SuperStay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector ($8.99) are both oil-free, and dermatologist-tested. The Foundation is available in 12 shades and the Concealer + Corrector in 6 shades. Learn more at