Downy Launches Fresh Protect Deodorant For Your Clothes

As many of you know I’m on a huge workout kick! I’m not at the 6 month mark since my back surgery and can finally get back into my fitness routine. Plus with the weather being so nice I’m completely motivated. The only part of getting back into exercising that is such a pain is having enough, clean workout clothes. The good news is since getting out of the hospital we acquired a new addition to the Eurdolian residence — a washer/dryer!!!!

Downy recently launched Fresh Protect, which is essentially a deodorant for your clothing. The first product of it’s kind, it’s designed to serve as an in-wash odor shield by infusing fabrics with motion-activated technology. Basically meaning you pre-wash your clothes with Downy Fresh Protect and then the beads, neutralize, cover and help prevent tough odors so no activity is beyond their magical power to keep clothes smelling like they just came out fresh out from the dryer.

To put it to the test, I partnered with Downy and over 2-days I did a Soul Cycle class and then an Exhale Core Fusion Barre class to see how my clothes held up. The scent claims to last up to 24hours and while that held true for my cotton tee shirt, I actually found for my lycra workout top it lasted much longer. I came out of my Soul Cycle class completely sweaty and gross and my tank smelled amazing. The rest of me not so much. The next day it still smelled brand new. It’s bananas to know you completely drenched a tank in your sweat and it could still smell good. Now obviously just because your clothes smell clean doesn’t mean they are so you should still wash them if you broke an intense sweat.

In addition to working out this product is great to pre-treat your clothes for all of those smell-fests summer activities: bbq’s, outdoor festivals and other sweaty occasions. Pair it with your favorite detergent for the cleanest, freshest results. It’s also recommended with Tide Pods plus Febreze for a superior clean and long-lasting scent.

How to use:

  • Pour beads into the cap – fill to the middle line for everyday protection or to the top for maximum odor protection.
  • Add directly into the drum (never the dispense drawer) before clothes at the beginning of your wash
  • Beads dissolve slowly over the wash cycle, infusion your fabrics with the powerful odor shield technology and fresh scent.

Downy Fresh Protect is available in two scents, Active Fresh and Fresh Blossom and is safe for use in both HE and regular machines. Learn more at