Artis Introduces New Fluenta Brush Collection

 Artis Fluenta brush Collection

It’s not a futuristic sponge, it’s the new Artis Fluenta brush collection innovated by former MAC Cosmetics senior executive, Matthew Waitesmith. Unlike your regular makeup brushes, Waitesmith is elevating the brush to a lifestyle object and even a work of art.


Did you know? The everyday makeup brushes you’re using are really just paint brushes borrowed from old watercolor artists. Conventional brushes act like brooms and scatter product (e.g why makeup artists do your eyes BEFORE your foundation). Unlike these “watercolor brushes”, the Fluenta Collection is alike to using your finger for self-application, giving you more control and flexibility. The elongated necks provide fluidity for more control and the more exaggerated distance between the handle and surface of the skin results in more application options and positions. The CosmeFibre outperforms animal hair by resisting UV, chemical challenges, and wear and tear for long-lasting application with over 250,000 individual fibres. For all you animal lovers, that means Animal-Free Beauty!


The Artis Fluenta Collection consists of nine multi-purpose brushes ranging from $36-$400 and are available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.