Get the UK Boots Beauty Experience at Duane Reade and Walgreens

Marina and the Diamonds

Okay my loves, lets talk Boots (skincare and makeup that is!)! Last week I jumped off a plane from Austin and booked it like a rockstar to Wall Street to see Marina and the Diamonds perform in front of a small audience of beauty editors to celebrate the launch of the UK’s beloved Boots Beauty brand now available at Duane Reade and Walgreens!

For all of you who commented on my social media posts (and my beauty blogger friends posts) that you’re so excited Boots is finally in the US, we need to chat. Boots actually launched back in 2007 at Target and has since been available online at retailers like, and Beauty Celebrates Its Launch Into Walgreens With Marina And The Diamonds

While their makeup and skincare made it to the US, consumers were not able to experience their infamous approach to personalized shopping and one-of-a-kind customer service, until now.  Last weeks event was to celebrate Walgreens and Duane Reade which unveiled the premier Boots beauty experience across the New York metro area to offer that same personalized approach which they are infamous for in the UK. Customers can expect the following at these locations:

  • Boots Beauty Advisors – experts will be on hand to offer advice, tips & trends, consultations, touch-ups, free samples events and more!
  • An Unmatched Beauty Environment – which will include testers, samples and mirrors at eye-level to make product testing easier, as well as consultation chairs for tough-ups before going out. Also all of the Boots brands will be displayed together. Most of us just think of their iconic skincare and cosmetic range No7 when we think of Boots, which will of course be featured as well as Boot’s Botanics Skincare & Cosmetics, Expert, Extracts, Mark Hill, Champneys, and Indeed Labs ranges.
  • Match Made – Customers have access to Boots groundbreaking, complimentary Match Made Service, which matches you to your perfect foundation shade in minutes!

These services and products are now available so if you’re in the NYC area, go check Boots out! Learn more about the Boots brand and collections at