Christian Louboutin Opens First Beauty Boutique in Paris

Christian Louboutin BoutiqueWell beauty lovers, Christian Louboutin has giving us another reason to visit Paris!

“Heels offer a gesture to the leg, and nail colour adds a gesture to the hand,” says Christian Louboutin.

The bottles that encapsulates Christian Louboutin’s saturated nail colours are almost as signature as the red soles that made his shoes a household name. Faceted glass, crowned with a glossy black spear cap, this bottle is the main focus of his first beauty boutique which was just unveiled in the 19th century Passage Vero-Dodat.

Christian Louboutin nail polish store

Christian Louboutin collaborated with interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch to design this unique space dedicated entirely to beauty, described by Louboutin as a “small shop, or a big shrine”. Treated like the exquisite piece of art they rightfully are, the bottles are displayed as treasures in small alcoves in this contemporary space.

The boutique highlights Louboutin’s careful attention to detail and features matte silky white walls, a Hainaut blue stone floor, walls inspired by the texture of red Wedgwood china and an opening in the ceiling to the next floor, reminiscent of the bottles cap.

To complete this beautiful space, a narrow staircase leads to a private loft resembling a woman’s boudoir for clients to try out the Louboutin beauty ritual. Fittingly enough, while this is their first exclusive beauty space, it’s this is also the brand’s 100th boutique. Visit the new location at 8, galerie Véro-Dodat 75001 Paris.

Does this mean Christian Louboutin will be expanding his beauty range? We hope so!

christian louboutin mini nail polish

Also if you missed the latest happening from the nail polish collection, it’s these priceless minis! Inspired by the Christian Louboutin Python Vulcano collection of shoes and handbags, they created 3 mini nail colors enclosed in a decorative box (that is a piece of art in and of itself). The Spring 2015 Limited Edition Python Vulcano nail set includes shades include True Blue (periwinkle blue), Hot Chick (vivid yellow), and Salonu (white cement) and is now available on