Workout Wednesday with Eddie Bauer and Brooks Running


{Jacket (pictured below) Eddie Bauer, Sweater: Brooks Running PureProject Henley LS, Top: Eddie Bauer Infinity V-Neck Tank, Leggings: Eddie Bauer Movement, Shoes: Brooks Running Adrenaline GTS 15, Bag: Eddie Bauer Zen Tote, Headband: Mark. Warm Wishes Headband}


The thing about having spinal surgery, is once you get through it, you have a new lease on life. As some of you know I was in the hospital less then 2 weeks ago to get a herniated disc removed. And I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I feel now that it’s done. It was an easy recovery and within three days of doing it I felt so much better then I did the 2 months prior when it was in my body.  And after going through it I am more committed then ever to working out, eating right and taking the best care of my body. Prior the the surgery I went to two sporting events, one with Eddie Bauer, and the other with Brooks Running and this weekend I was ready to put them on and start the recovery process. For starters it was the NYC marathon and watching those amazing warriors run through my neighborhood always gets me amped to move.


And speaking of the marathon, Brooks Running released the first limited edition marathon shoe for this years event. It’s a version of their classic Adrenaline GTS style and has lady liberty graphics on it. You can expect more marathon themed kicks coming soon for big races like Boston and other cities.

Another accessory, I’m super excited about is Eddie Bauer Zen Tote, it has all of these awesome pockets and straps for your yoga matte. While I’m still not allowed to do a lot of yoga poses and get back in the classroom, one of my favorite things is to take my matte to the waterfront and stretch. Their Movement leggings are also AWESOME! They suck everything in and don’t stretch out. I have two pairs and have pretty much lived in them through my recovery. Both of these items are on sale on! And for all you fitness buffs, get a sneak peek at their Motion collection for next spring: