Upgrade Your Sleep with Simmons ComforPedic from Beautyrest


My mother always taught me to invest in good things like mattresses, and I never listened. Instead my budget often went to shoes and frivolous things with little to no shelf life (especially in NYC). My friends at Conde Nast asked me to review a new mattress and having recently sent the ComforPedic IQ, I 100% realize what my mother was talking about! Considering I have back problems I don’t know what took me so long to invest in a good mattress. (I don’t even flip my mattress every 6 months). 

Based on my profile Conde Nast sent me the Simmons ComforPedic® from Beautyrest® and only a few weeks in it’s already made a tremendous difference. As the leaders in memory foam technology, the mattress is specifically designed to quickly respond to movements, as well as dissipate heat for a cool and comfortable sleep (which in the summer I’ve definitely noticed a difference).

Included with the mattress was the box spring which elevated it to a height I much prefer then my own mattress. Until now my foot board used to drive me crazy since I’m tall and like the feeling of my legs going over the edge.

The pillow top has a cool pattern and it’s the right combination of foam and firmness (it adjusts to my weight but I don’t ever feel like I’m sinking).  And the self adjusting mechanism has created a major upgrade in my sleep. It’s not that I’m sleeping longer then before but I for sure am sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.

I’ve been in LA for the past few days and usually the hotels I stay at make me envious of the beds and for the first time, I actually prefer the one at home.

If you have back pain or are overdue for a new mattress, I would definitely consider the investment (or at the very least flip every 6 months).

Learn more about the  Simmons ComforPedic® from Beautyrest at beautyrest.com

{Disclaimer: I got a sample}