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7 Easy Steps for a More Restful Sleep

To say sleep does a body good is the understatement of the century. It’s like this magic elixir that makes your skin better, fixes ailments, makes you happier and less stressed, and all you have to do is get enough of it. When Arianna Huffington said we were in a “sleep-derivation crisis”, I understood it, but I didn’t try to rectify it. I acknowledged that culturally we work crazy hours, especially in NYC – isn’t that how you get ahead? I’ve even heard people brag about how busy they are and that they barely get any sleep. I used to be one of those so busy people, in many ways I still am, but not when it comes to my well-being. Since reading Arianna Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution and using the Beautyrest® Sleeptracker® monitor, I have a new lease on life, with getting enough sleep being on the top of that list. I have big plans for myself and if getting my ZZZ’s is key to being successful, consider me all in.

If you have trouble sleeping, here are 8 easy things you could be doing to fix it!

1. Invest in a Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

This device has changed my life. You put it under your mattress and connect to the mobile app to track your sleep. It shows you your breathing rate, heart rate, total sleep time, how long you took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up (and for how long)… and then breaks down your Light sleep, REM sleep and Deep sleep time and what that means. REM sleep is crucial for brain performance and organizing memory. Deep sleep is for the regeneration of the body. It even gives you advice on how to improve your sleep. Best part is you don’t have to charge it (it plugs into the wall). You can read my full review HERE and learn more at beautyrest.com/Sleeptracker. It retails for $199 and a very worthy investment.

2. Create a Bedroom Oasis

Since making over my bedroom, my life has changed. I used to live in papers, with my laptop somewhere in my bed and piles of clothes on the floor. Beauty products everywhere, I lived in clutter. Since painting the floors white, ordering beautiful bedding – we literally used to have red and black bedding and everything was so dark I think it depressed me. So with my new theme of white furniture and serene calmness, I literally saw my dream bed on Croscill Natural’s website, it’s called “First Light Bed” and ordered everything. I’m not the best at DIY interior designing so I bought everything in a stock photo and kept the rest white and it worked! Having a light and airy room now, with no clutter makes going to bed such a peaceful and enjoyable experience. I don’t care what the state of the rest of my apartment is, I’m committed to my room staying completely pristine and serene.

3. Lose the Electronics

Take electronic devices out of the bedroom and try to not look at your phone or computer for at least an hour before bed. Reading emails or watching movies on your tablets will keep your brain active when it should be relaxing. The blue light from our screens mimics that of daylight, which also stimulates you. Try reading, cleaning or playing cards, or just meditating. Just try to resist looking at a screen (I know it’s tough).

Your Secret Weapon for Sleep

Growing up I was always told sleep is the most important medicine. And unlike my sister who was a complete night owl, when I was done for the day, I was done. Meaning, as soon as I was worn out, my head would hit that pillow and I was out within seconds.

That part hasn’t changed, but my relationship with sleep over the years certainly has. My stress level has been through the roof, my schedule has been all over the place, and it occurred to me that while I understood the importance of sleep, I wasn’t prioritizing it. And my attitude was changing for the worse because of it.

The week before I left for Paris, I had a wake-up call. Beautyrest® sent me the Beautyrest® Sleeptracker® monitor to try, which is a device you put under your mattress; it connects to the accompanying mobile app to track your sleep. It shows your breathing rate, heart rate, total sleep time, how long you took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up (and for how long) … and then breaks down your Light sleep, REM sleep and Deep sleep time.

As I learned from the app’s Smart Coach tips, REM sleep is crucial for brain performance and organizing memory. Deep sleep is for the regeneration of the body – that’s when muscles are restored and the immune system is strengthened.

Unlike wearable sleep monitors (that require being worn and needing to be charged regularly), the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is completely non-invasive and plugs directly into a wall outlet. It basically looks like a defibrillator, two paddles so it can track you and your partner’s sleep (or you can just use one side).

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor gave me a closer look at the things keeping me up at night (monitoring everything from my caffeine intake to how much TV or other devices I was using before bed) and offers personalized, easy-to-implement insights to help me make the most of my time asleep.

Back to my wake-up call. The first week I used it (right before the trip), I was mortified to see I was averaging 6-6.5 hours of sleep. The app actually recommended I try exercising before bed. I went to a talk by sleep guru, Arianna Huffington a few months prior where she reaffirmed that I’m someone who needs 7-8 hours a sleep a night to be a functional human being. In my head I assumed that’s what I was getting. I have a busy but flexible schedule so it wasn’t my alarm clock that was keeping me up, it was my stress level. And, I wasn’t paying attention to the time I was going to bed and waking up. My brain was on overdrive with my to-do list and deadlines. The next month was a whirlwind. I was in four time zones in less than 30 days. I went from NY –> Paris –> NY –> LA –> Vegas –> NY –> Mykonos. The New York trips were for 1-2 days just to change suitcases and make sure my dog and boyfriend still remembered me. By the time I was back, my stomach and my sleep was a mess, and I was exhausted. Of all the trips, Vegas was the worst — I was cranky non-stop. While it was so fun, the conference I attended had us scheduled from 8am to midnight. That means that by the time I got my work done after returning to my hotel room and woke up early to get ready for the conference each day, I felt the burn out and it severely impacted my mood. The only cure: sleep.

When I got home I decided I needed to cut down on work, refocus and prioritize. My only concerns were my relationship, my dog, my sleep and the actual projects that excited and motivated me and ignored the rest.

I also redid my bedroom and was committed to creating my oasis. We painted the floors white, took out unnecessary furniture and clutter. I got new bedding from Croscil – I literally saw a picture on their website of my dream bedding and ordered the whole collection. I also got the most luxurious bed, a new Beautyrest Black® mattress and created a new rule: the rest of my apartment can be a mess but not my bedroom sanctuary.

Within a week of being back, my stomach was no longer in knots and my sleep was back to averaging 7.5 hours/night (I even hit 9 hours and 22 minutes one of the nights!). Best of all, I felt like an all-around more centered and happier human being. The coaching feature in the app even told me “So far this week, on average, 28% of your sleep has been deep sleep. That’s great – keep doing what you are doing!” I love my virtual sleep coach.

Ever since I started using the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, I have a stronger understanding of my daily habits and how they affect my sleep. By implementing simple changes and paying attention to what is and what isn’t working for me I’m in such better shape every day to work more productively and feel more energized. And for the days I’m not, I’m now hyper aware of it and my limits.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is a complete game changer and $199. Learn more at http://www.beautyrest.com/Sleeptracker

Thank you Beautyrest for partnering with me on this post!

Daylight Savings Health and Wellness Tips

This post is sponsored in partnership with Beautyrest Brand. Opinions and tips are my own.


The most common question I get from my followers is ‘how do you do it? Followed by some reference on how they feel exhausted just from watching my life on Instagram. Albeit I have an active life, filled with events and tons of travel but the go-go-go lifestyle does take its toll; which is why balance is so important. In fact whenever I’ve interviewed a famous athlete, celebrity or someone whose lifestyle seems crazier than mine by ten fold, I always ask their best tips on how to de-stress and stay centered and consistently the answer is sleep. Having enough quality sleep is the first step to any healthy lifestyle and feeling well rested and ready for the day to come. It’s vital to your mental and physical health, yet sadly enough, one third of Americans (33%) say it’s been 6 months or longer since they last woke up feeling energized. I for one am more likely to be short fused and off center if I’m sleep deprived. It’s like suddenly the glass is half empty instead of full and I’m dragging instead looking forward to the day.


With Daylight Savings (November 6th) just around the corner, I’m so excited to be partnering with my friends at Beautyrest Brand to share my best tips on how you can take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and feel more rested in one hour or less.

5 Tips to Stay on Point and Rested This Holiday Season

beautyrest_3_lowhresThe holidays can be a busy and stressful time to say the least. There’s no avoiding it but there are ways to stay energized, collected and most importantly sane in what should be the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Get your Beautyrest!

It’s no surprise that lack of sleep has been linked to increased stress levels and anxiety. Our bodies, skin and brain need restful slumber to recharge in order to be functional the next day. Investing in a quality mattress to ensure a good nights sleep is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. I have the Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Mattress, which is supportive and helps me sleep soundly. Everyday I look forward to that moment when I can fall into bed, so owning one that’s so inviting and comfortable makes my day (everyday). Bottom line: get your zzz’s!beautyrest_7_lowres

2. Perfect your nightly routine.

Start with the bathroom must’s – brush your teeth and invest in a good skincare routine (for more on that you can read my post about beauty sleep HERE. Stress has a way of showing up in the form of acne, dark circles and making our skin look dull so having a proper skincare regimen is a must.

Keep all electronics with screens (phones, laptops, tablets…) out of the room for at least an hour before bed since staring at screens can seriously mess up your sleep.

Making a to-do list of everything you need to do the next day before bed can help put your mind at ease so you’re not subconsciously (or consciously) thinking of everything you need to get done. This trick can often help you sleep more soundly since you’re not worrying about remembering everything you need to get done.

How to Maximize your Beauty Routine While you Sleep

mattress5_lowresIt’s no secret that getting a good night sleep is essential to good health. I for one am cranky and can have my entire day fall apart if I don’t prioritize quality sleep. From my physical energy to the bags under my eyes, every part of my body is affected if I don’t get a good nights rest.

When you are sleeping, your body is in repair mode. Everything from your hormones, immune system, brain function and skin is affected. This is the most important time to prioritize your skin and beauty routine so that the effects are magnified during this stage of rest.

Upgrade Your Sleep with Simmons ComforPedic from Beautyrest


My mother always taught me to invest in good things like mattresses, and I never listened. Instead my budget often went to shoes and frivolous things with little to no shelf life (especially in NYC). My friends at Conde Nast asked me to review a new mattress and having recently sent the ComforPedic IQ, I 100% realize what my mother was talking about! Considering I have back problems I don’t know what took me so long to invest in a good mattress. (I don’t even flip my mattress every 6 months).