Oasis Spa Gets a Makeover

oasis day spa
One of my favorite NYC sanctuaries, Oasis Spa recently got a makeover at their One Park Avenue Flagship location. A perfect place to take some time for yourself and unwind, the award-winning spa, deemed “Best of New York” and “Best of Westchester,” continues to remain true to their core values of providing luxury spa services and relaxation at affordable prices. The spa has undergone a complete restorative makeover, and while the ambience has changed for a more modern and luxurious feel, and are incorporating new extensions to their quality services, their prices have remained the same.

Oasis day spa nyc

Owner, Bruce Schoenberg, ecstatic over the new renovations commented, “There is a new mood and energy in the city – a new mayor, new technologies… the Ice Age is over!  Oasis feels that energy and is in the groove.  We wanted to take our great name brand, renew it and remind our guests why we’ve continued to remain so popular in New York for the past sixteen years.”

Conceived by NY-based designers, Binny Tercek and Lisa Baglieri, they had the vision for reinventing the underground Oasis.  Together they sought to make the spa more modern, lightening the walls and adding stone grey carpeting throughout for a Zen-like effect.  Additional touches include new art, signage, stone colors of warm greys and contemporary furniture.

ABOUT OASIS DAY SPA: Originally located in Union Square, Oasis Day Spa opened its One Park Avenue doors just days after September 11th.  Owners Bruce & Marti Schoenberg were able to continue the growth of their philosophy and cultivate a name for themselves in the declining spa and wellness industry.

From spa packages to body scrubs and wraps, Oasis Day Spa offers a multitude of services that will help you achieve the ultimate in wellness, and experience relaxation and pampering at affordable prices.