Almay Smart Shade Makeup {Review}

Almay Smart Shade

Now I know what you’re thinking: How can a product that comes out white be Makeup? I thought the same thing when trying the new Almay Smart Shade skintone matching makeup. Here’s the cool part it contains Almay’s breakthrough tonemimic shade-sensing bead technology which you see inside the white formula and when you blend it on your skin it intuitively transforms your skintone to even it out and look like you’re not wearing makeup at all.

If you’re looking for medium to full foundation coverage this isn’t for you. (Unless you’d like to apply a powder over it or use as primer under other makeup) This is that everyday makeup you can apply all over and it looks like you rolled out of bed with with best form of your skin. It’s like no makeup-makeup, where your tone is evened out, your pored are filled in but not a single beauty mark will be covered.

And with only three shades available, Light, Light Medium and Medium, it takes the guess work out of finding your perfect shade and having to week through hundreds of foundation to find the right one. Especially in drugstores where you have to rely on a picture to find your perfect match. The tonemini technology is going to adjust to your color so you just have to choose between the three to find your match. And intuitively transforms to your skintone for all day natural looking coverage. It also contains an SPF 15 to protect your skin and doesn’t leave a white-chalky residue which sometimes results from adding a sunscreen.

It’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and is formulated for sensitive skin so it will work for all skin types but I especially like it for oily skin since mattes down my oils.

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{Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Almay/Refinery29 who provided me with a sample to try. All opinions are my own}