Taking a Walk on the Wild Side with Harley Davidson


I recently stopped by a Harley Davidson event where the invitation was to ‘Explore Your Fearless Side.’ Naturally, I was intrigued and was pleasantly surprised to see they set up a stationary bike so guests could feel what it was like to ride a motorcycle. From learning the proper way to mount a bike to practicing how to turn it on and switch gears, we did it all, and what a rush!

From the kick when it starts to the sound of that engine purring it was exhilarating!! I made it into third gear and my instructor called me a natural — that made my day.

lara eurdolian harly davidson

Trends come and go, but confidence is always in style. Which was a message that I felt throughout the event and is so embedded in the Harley Davidson heritage. It’s an iconic brand, one that recently celebrated it’s 110th anniversary! And is very much focusing on us, ladies!

More woman than ever before are finding the freedom and power to pave their road to happiness. And Harley’s are the #1 seller of motorcycles to women in the US. And while we tend to have this image about riders — a mystique if you will, as if you have to get tattoos and quit your job to be in the special club; they are hear to show you otherwise and that riding is all about how you want to experience the brand on your own terms.

Strength, rebellion , self expression,and  independence, that’s what they stand for and are inviting women everywhere to experience Harley for themselves. They have garage parties at dealerships, where their partners help answer your questions and help work through any intimidation that may come with handling a bike to get you to the good stuff! They also have a women’s community on the website. So while all of these initiatives are impressive it’s important to note that Harley and women been together since the 1920s with ad campaigns and images of women on bikes that date back that far.

There’s nothing sexier then a strong, confident women — and motorcycles seem to deliver! They shared insights on how the brand is making a different. Just check out this chart! Women who ride feel happier and sexier and have better relationships! I mean I only ride a Vespa and I feel pretty damn good about things, especially when I’m riding (and I’m dating the most wonderful man on the planet — just saying!). Maybe I need to up my game and go for a Harley!

harley davidson women who ride are happier

While at the event, I also checked out their fall fashion line, since clothing is a big part of the brand. The jewelry looked solid, there were come cool chain pieces, but I wish there were more vintage style motorcycle jackets for the clothes. I’m on the hunt for one! (And that cool one on the mannequin isn’t for sale — sorry ladies!). Otherwise some fun tees and sweaters. Lots of colors and Harley prints.





Check out my style blog, In His Clothes as I rock out this Harley Davidson outfit and demo the jacket (that’s in my hand below) before it comes out this fall!



To learn more about Harley Davidson visit harley-davidson.com