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Share Your Smart Idea with Clinique & TED to WIN!


How many times have you said to yourself, “I have the next big idea!”? Well, now is your chance to turn your light-bulb moment into reality.  Clinique has partnered with TED to launch a global campaign in search of the next “smart” idea and no idea is too big or too small! The goal is to engage, empower and encourage women all over the world to share their intelligence, ambition and creativity.

Share Your #BeautyStory with Dove & Celebrate the Women in Your Life


When it comes to a woman’s beauty habits, it is a mother’s influence that means the most. While today’s society is often dominated by celebrity culture, or viewed as such, the study unveils that it is the real relationships in a woman’s life that leave the strongest beauty impression.

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side with Harley Davidson


I recently stopped by a Harley Davidson event where the invitation was to ‘Explore Your Fearless Side.’ Naturally, I was intrigued and was pleasantly surprised to see they set up a stationary bike so guests could feel what it was like to ride a motorcycle. From learning the proper way to mount a bike to practicing how to turn it on and switch gears, we did it all, and what a rush!