Screening The Other Woman with Costume Designer Pat Field!


Last night, I had the ultimate girls night out when POPSUGAR took over The Screening Room at Crosby Street Hotel for an advanced screening of the The Other Woman; followed by a Q&A with the film’s costume designer, Patricia Field. 

Many of you know Patricia Field from her work on the series and Sex and the City films as well as her work on Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada. She is the beyond an icon in the fashion industry and someone I’ve admired since I was a teenager so this was quite a treat.20140418-002119.jpg

The Other Woman strikes an unlikely friendship when suburban housewife, Kate (played by Leslie Mann) gets a house visit from sexy, lawyer type, Carly (played by Cameron Diaz) who sets out to surprise her boyfriend, Mark. The two quickly realize they are being played by the same man and team up to find out what else he’s hiding — and that’s where Amber (played by Kate Upton) comes in. This outrageous comedy takes girl power to a whole new level, filled with laughs, ladies and the camaraderie that blooms from shared experiences. And being in a setting with so many of my blogger friends made it the perfect setting for a fun girl’s night out.

As you can imagine the fashion is great, Kate has a whole modern day Stepford Wife look (tons of cute florals!), Carly goes from office chic to relaxed off-duty jeans, to sexy tight fitting date night dresses (and wears them all well!) and Kate Upton is pretty much is a white bikini the whole time. There’s also Lydia (played by Nicki Minaq), that owned every scene she was in — her outfits were my favorite! They hugged her amazing curves and made a statement. Just check out this trailer:

Later Pat Field confided this was the first screening she saw of the movie and during the Q&A she was asked how many bikini’s it took to find the perfect white one for Kate Upton’s character.  She commented that she presented around 20 suits and then how the director and everyone needs to weigh in — “it’s a decision fest.” Well a good decision was made, Upton made me want a white suit!

Earlier in the evening I asked her about her creative process, she took a moment on that question and replied with “my eyes and my heart hat to see it.” Later, during the Q&A she was asked a similar question and she admitted “I don’t have a Rolodex, if you have an idea in your mind you go out an find it.”

Field’s was asked about her personal style and if that reflected in the characters. Her response was “I think every character is one of a kind including myself. If someone is going to play me, I’ll dress them like me.” She then moved on to talk about working with the actors, “My responsibility is to make the actress feel comfortable… They are not to their to worry about their wardrobe. If they are you haven’t done your job.” Later in the conversation she added, “It’s not about me, it’s about the story and them the actors playing characters in the story.” She doesn’t go at it from a fashion point of view. Because, lets face it, the clothes support the characters and their personalities but this is a comedy at the end of the day and about the characters. “You learn and observe and see how their bodies move and how they communicate. Then you find the parallel between the actress and the fictional characters and you stay within those boundaries. If you stay within that range you will end up with something believable.”

We then talked costumes of which she found Nikki Minaj’s outfits “hilarious” and credited her colleague for the outfit picks. “It was a smaller role and I thought she stood out…” I completely agree! She also talked about the joys of working with Diaz, “she’s a pro through and through. I love working with pros. She teaches me as well. It’s like working with Meryl Streep.”

If you’re in need of a good ladies night or some laughter in your evening, go see The Other Woman! Learn more at


{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fox through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about The Other Woman, all opinions are my own.}