Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Makeup Bag from Founder Casey Casterline

rag and bone, fekkaiAs the warmer weather (very) slowly sneaks up on us — or at least in waves; I am often inclined to do a quick Spring cleaning to sort through what I have and what I may need for the change in season.  I am forever buying new products, or raiding the Pretty Connected product closet.  And although I love trying the latest and greatest, I often forget about how much stuff I really have!!

Casey Casterline, co-founder of, a popular beauty sample swapping site, has just the answer and offers some unique tips on how to make the most of everything in your beauty bag!

Foundation – There are times when you may have purchased foundation that seemed right at the counter/store, but ended up being less than perfect when at home.  No worries!  This foundation can be used as an eye shadow primer instead!

Lipstick  –  By far my favorite tip for an afternoon pick me up, use your lipstick as a blush if you realize you need a bit more color during the day!

Powder Eye Liner – Transform your powder eye liner into a sultry liquid liner by adding water for a more dramatic look.

Plain Lip Balm – After a late night out, a highlighter can save the day.  Apply plain lip balm around the inside of sleepy eyes with your finger as an alternative to a traditional highlighter.

Hairspray – Lightly (and I mean lightly) mist hairspray to fall on your face after you applied your make up to maintain a fresh face all day.  From experience, this is a trick that when done incorrectly can really backfire, but when executed right, it’s one of the best out there.

Eye Cream – Cold weather and chapped lips many times go hand and hand.  A hydrating eye cream can also be used as a lip balm replacement, keeping your lips hydrated and shiny, a perfect antidote to the last few weeks of cold.

We’re also weighing in on a few of our tips which include mixing lipstick! Don’t you just hate it when the color in the tube doesn’t match the picture? If one color is too light the other too dark try then mixed together to create a custom perfect shade.

Also there’s no reason to waste a face moisturizer. If you don’t like the experience for your face, rather then throw it out, use it on your body, especially feet.

Guest Post by Gia Broccoli D’Onofrio