NYFW: A Beauty Like Nun Other – Backstage at Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2014

Thom Browne Nun look

If there’s one thing we can count on from Thom Browne, it’s a lot of drama and originality and this show was no exception.  The collection was a visual hymn of Victorian-inspired garments imparted with exaggerated proportions and more delicately concealed details than the walls of a confessional.  Inspired by a darker, wicked woman of the church, the hair and make-up production backstage was much more than a sisterly act.

Adding to Browne’s own series of America Horror Stories, (if you remember his show during NYFW September 2013, was reminiscent of an insane asylum with eerily smudged red lipstick across white shellacked faces), MAC Cosmetic’s Sil Bruinsma created a beautifully chilling visage framed by dark brows drawn above the actual brow with Eye Brow Pencil in dirty blonde and haunting smokey eyes using Copperplate Eye Shadow. The cheeks were shyly hinted with a virginal touch of blush in Fun Ending (coming Fall 2014) while lips were left bare with a dabble of balm.  To add to the sermon of style, the models were adorned with a voluminous white wig deviously replacing the traditional cornette.  photo 2

Bumble and bumble editorial stylist, Jimmy Paul accomplished a matte, texturized finish by prepping wigs with Pret-A-Powder, then tied them into a loose, low-hanging ponytail.  Leave it to Thom Browne  to be unconventional with his manicure.  Water-based acrylic paint was brushed onto finger tips up to the knuckle to giving the illusion they were dipped in inkwell.  Not an everyday look to say the least, but don’t completely write it off, the affect was gorgeously ghostly. Though theatrical in intention, the basics for hair and make-up can be executed in real-life for a look as pure as sin.

photo 4