Paris Nights in NYC Inspired by Secret Deodorant Romantic Rose

James and I were just talking about how much we want to go to Paris. In fact, I put learning french in Paris on my new years bucket list (although as I wrote the blog post it felt more like a fantasy). So when Secret deodorant sent a mysterious email offering a date night inspired by their new line of Secret Destinations available in 3 Invisible Solid and Clear Gel scents: Paris (Romantic Rose), Hawaii (Citrus Breeze) and Brazil (Rainforest Mist), there wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in my choice — or who my date would be. Especially since the line features 48 hour odor protection — everything was coming up roses!

secret invisable solid parisThe day started with a box messengered over. It was filled with rose petals, an apron and the new deodorant collection. It also contained a post card with directions to our first destination.  Our date would begin with a chocolate making class at Tache Artisan Chocolate. With Paris on the mind, James and I made chocolates in the shape of berets, the Eiffel Tower and anything else that reminded us of the city of love. As part of the scavenger hunt that went along with the eventing, we we’re instructed to take a picture of a rosy ingredient so we sought out the edible rose petals as seen below on Tache’s delicious chocolate. (Pssst: for anyone looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day date idea, we highly recommend this chocolate class. In fact we liked it so much, James bought another class to give as a gift to a lucky couple)

{Stop #1 Tache Artisan Chocolate}

Lara Eurdolian, James KingLara Eurdolian, Tache

20140131-225904.jpgMaking Chocolate

Rose chocolates

Next up was dinner at Artisanal, where we indulged in two of my favorite things, cheese and wine. The fondue was to die for! For this excursion the photo was to be in front of their famous cheese counter (check!).


Last up, Maison Kayser for dessert and coffee. I mean look at this dessert plate (photo below), what better way to end our evening then at a patisserie? The last photo of our scavenger hunt being a picture of the dessert plate. So if you followed my Parisian adventure as it happened (I was all over instagram last night), you may have seen most of these pictures. It was a very special date night and if you can’t make it to Paris, it’s nice to know Paris can come to you.

20140131-230032.jpgdessertMerci Secret pour une merveilleuse soiree!