Breakfast with Colbert MD Skincare

colbert md

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a breakfast for the introduction of a dermatological skincare line called Colbert MD by Doctor David Colbert, author and founder of New York Dermatology Group (NYDG).  The  dermatology group takes a unique, inter-disciplinary approach to total health and timeless beauty.  NYDG integrates both internal medicine with cosmetic dermatology with such success that it has earned the group a spotlight in national media (i.e. Vogue, New York Times, Elle, Self, etc.).  The group offers several services in laser and light-based treatment, cosmetic dermatology, body sculpting, non-invasive face lifts, and their signature “Medical Facial” The Triad.

The Triad Medical Facial is a three-step process consisting of Microdermabrasion, Laser Toning, and Gentle Chemical Peel, that gives patients the cosmetic skin boost of a facial with long-term dermatological benefits.  Dr. Colbert is replicating the same techniques in his new skincare line Colbert MD.  Using patented QuSome™ technology, this restorative skincare system retains the potency of the ingredients until it delivers nutrients to the dermal levels where cellular renewal takes place allowing the products to be particularly effective.  The line consists of 7 products:

  1. Stimulate – The Serum: replicates aspects of chemical peel and later toning
  2. Balance – Purifying Cleanser: removes impurities while providing gentle concentration of anti-aging benefits
  3. Nourish – Eye Cream: firms, hydrates and diminishes dark circles
  4. Illumino – Face Oil: visibly improves elasticity and suppleness while instantly hydrating through special blend of eight unique essential oils
  5. Heal & Soothe – Night Cream: initiates skin’s natural repair process and inflammation similar to final stage of the Triad
  6. Nutrify & Protect – Day Lotion: protects against and reverses environmental damage, restores moisture and delivers antioixidants
  7. Intensify – Facial Discs: combines chemical and mechanical exfoliation to mimic the microdermabrasion process of the Triad.

The two must-haves splurges of the line are the Intensify – Facial Discs which gives you the power of a microdermabrasion in an exfoliant pad that you can gently control, and the Illumino – Facial Oil.  The Facial Discs are actually how I was originally introduced to Colbert MD, since I received them in a gift bag last year and was beyond impressed.

Facial oils are all the rage these days and have been found to treat many dermatological maladies from aging to acne, but finding the right one for your specific need is important.  Illumino gets its name from the idea of natural illumination depicted in early Dutch paintings.  This uniques blend of oils brings out that the natural illumination from deep within the skin through hydration, nourishment all while improving elasticity of the skin.  Who doesn’t want that?

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