It doesn’t have to be a new year quite yet for me to resolve it’s time for me to upgrade my phone. My iPhone 4S has served me well and strangely I’m sentimental about parting with it. I look back on all the memories it’s helped me document over the years and the places we’ve been together and it’s been a great run! But it’s time for an upgrade and for me to part with my collection of iPhone covers. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges with upgrading to a new phone, is having to say goodbye to all of the accessories you’ve collected along the way. With the new year on the horizon and considering how important a great phone is for all my blogger needs, I want the best that Apple has to offer.

The new iPhone 5 is sleeker, has a faster processor and features a much better camera and video (a huge draw for any social media hound!). And arguably one of my biggest reasons for my upgrading to a new version is that the iPhone 5 is compatible between different carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. As someone now over my contract with AT&T, I would like the flexibility to switch to another carrier considering the terribly expensive, non-unlimited data plan I’m on.

eBay has made the selling process of my old phone unimaginably easy! Using their new  “Simple Flow” interface. All I had to do was click the link and follow the very user friendly interface to sell my old phone in minutes! First, you click on the icon that matches the brand your phone is, then the model and finally it’s condition. From there they fill out all of the fields and give you an estimate for what your phone could go for.

sell an iphone on ebay

ebay simple flow phone sellingOnce that process is done, you’re in the main selling screen you’re used to if you’ve ever sold on eBay. You have the choice to use the stock image they have uploaded on your behalf, the selling time frame and their shipping recommendations all pre-populated. Or you can go in and edit the different fields to adjust any of the setting to your liking. For me, I added a few new images of the phone, adjusted the headline and decided to sell my phone over a 7 day time span instead of 3. The amount you edit though is completely up to you and easy to update. Once you have all the settings to your liking you can ‘Review’ your auction and hit the list button to start selling!sell an iphone on ebayIf you have an extra cell phone on your hands, selling it has never been easier. Sell your device now to get the best price using eBay’s Simple Flow. Check it out for yourself at: http://www.ebay.com/own/sellyourphone/index.html

{Disclaimer: I’m an eBay influencer. My trying Simple Flow was part of my collaboration with eBay which is perks program}