Bulgari Unveils the NEW Vespa 946

photo 3

There are very few things that can distract me from getting ready for my own birthday — usually I reserve the few hours before for all the girlie getting ready routines one must part-take in to feel adequately ready to face a crowd and take over a room. However, an invite from Bulgari for the North American unveiling of the Vespa 946, I’ll make an exception. If you follow me on instagram, you know my Vespa is my love. From fashion week to grocery shopping, the joy of getting on that scooter, no matter the occasion never ceases to amaze me (It’s definitely one of the major loves of my life).  photo 1Now I’m a Vespa LX150 girl, which is an older model, similar in size as it’s also a two seater with the same engine size. The new 946 model is definitely slimmer and has a modernized physique — it’s really is a beautiful bike. The only thing that didn’t tickle my fancy is the odometer is electric, which makes sense since it’s more technologically advanced, but I still like an old school odometer. The new model also has a heftier price tag, as it’s launching in November with a retail price of $10,000 — the 150cc model before it retailed at around $5k (you can learn more about the features HERE).

If you’re thinking about getting a Vespa, do it! Or tweet me @prettyconnected — I’ll happily send you my long laundry list of all the reason’s why they are the best!Bulgari NYC storeWhite Vespa 946photo 4