Saks Launches New Fragrance Floor

Saks Fifth Avenue Fragrance Floor

This morning, I stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue for the official unveiling of their new fragrance floor. While the location has not changed, just about everything else about the space has. For starters ten of the brands (including Creed, Hermes, Bond No.9 New York, Diptyque, Le Labo, Panhaligon, Kilian, Acqua di Parma, Cartier and CHANEL) are now separated as if they we’re their own boutique, allowing the brands to use their counter space to show off their distinct personalities.

Many of these brands also offer seating as well mobility from the staff to come around the counter to help serve customers with ease. And probably my favorite feature is the space now allowed in between brands so you’re able to experience the fragrances in a more intimate way. For me fragrance is very personal so having my space to try one on without the congestion of other brands or a left over spritz from another fragrance in the air is so important. I like to take my time, pick a scent, and wear it for the day before committing, since often times I’ll try a fragrance on in store and then go home and it feels as though it’s completely different. The new environment created by Saks really offers a great shopping experience for fragrance purchasers. _DSC0047

“The opening of our New York fragrance floor is one of the largest beauty initiatives to date in our flagship store,” said Deborah Walters, SVP GMM Cosmetics, Fragrance and Intimates. “Our new space is completely re-envisioned, elevating the fragrance shopping experience for our customers.”


The new floor also contains a Fragrance Bar at the center of the floor, featuring an eclectic mix of both classic and new fragrances where customers can discover their personal favorites.


In celebration of the launch Saks will kick off a 10-day fragrance bash beginning on Thursday, September 26 with a special gift for the first 500 Fragrance purchasers; followed by every single day, a special activity on the floor.  Here’s the schedule:


IMG_2936 IMG_2913 IMG_2914 IMG_2944 IMG_2943Check it out for yourself! Visit Saks Fifth Avenue at 611 5th Avenue, NYC. Learn more at