NIVEA New Look, New Size

Nivia announces new packaging Attention value shoppers, NIVEA recently announced it’s getting a new look and here’s the best part — it’s 25% bigger! As in 25% more product in each container without a price increase.

Since the very beginning, NIVEA has made it a goal to help build a more intimate society through products that make skin more touchable – giving people the confidence to touch and be touched. NIVEA also knows the importance of touch goes beyond what’s just inside the bottle and actually begins with what you see and touch on shelf… For more than 100 years, NIVEA has transformed the look and feel of its packaging to fit the ever changing needs and preferences of shoppers, and recently launched a newly designed packaging across all products.

The goal behind the revamped look is to speak to women in a clear, contemporary and understandable way, in order to renew emotional connections with current users and also forge new ones. NIVEA stands for skin care, trust, quality and value for money and to ensure that the NIVEA identity reflects these values, they needed to be reflected in the new product design. The new packaging will provide a better value, with more product for your money, and a money back guarantee.

The newly-designed NIVEA products will be available at food, drug and mass merchandisers nationwide. Learn more at